Finished products of November 2010 + haul :)

Hi everyone!
The holiday season is already here! Have you guys started to shop for Christmas gifts? We had a lot of snow for the past few days here in Montreal and it's currently freezing *brrrrrr* Also I'm finally done with school until January 24th ^_^ YAY!

So today I would like to share with you guys my "finished products" of the month of November 2010 :D I didn't finished as much products as last month but it's better than nothing right? =P

First of all, the Lush mask of Magnaminty  (a.k.a Masque à la crème de menthe in french)
I really enjoyed using this mask, especially in summer because it has this super cooling effect on my skin! It's a clay like texture and have some big chunks of grounded aduki beans and primrose seed to exfoliate your skin. It has this lovely peppermint smell and leaves my skin super soft after washing it out. I wouldn't recommend it for people with sensitive skin because the peppermint effect is very powerful. Great for oily skin people!

Lush Ocean Salt
OMG!! If you have cuts on your body, I swear this burns like hell because of the salt! The first time I used it, I didn't know that I had some minor cuts on my hands and it burned like ahmagawsh. So be careful! I found this to me too rough for my skin, but it does well the job! I tried to use it on my face like some other bloggers did but it was too sensitive for it so I used it only on my body. It leaves my skin super smooth but I wouldn't repurchase because I find way too much and not enough moisturizing.

Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream
One of my HG. but out of my budget right now. It's the second moisturizer that I finished of my life LOL! The jar lasted me about 5 months, using it on and off. I really liked the smell & the airy texture of it. For a full review click here. ^_^

Aveeno Eczema care
 This is 3rd tube of it. I have eczema problems on my legs since I was young and this has been the only product that was able to calm down the itchiness and leave my skin fully hydrated. My eczema seems like going away and I'm super satisfied by this product. I would keep purchasing this but it's becoming harder and harder to find! >_<
Bliss Lemon+Sage body butter

Finally I managed to finish this lol!! It's been over a year I have this product! I like to use it in winter, on my elbow and as a hand cream at night. It softens the roughest parts of my skin and leaves them very soft :D The only thing that I didn't like was the scent. It wasn't sticky at all my hands would be left a bit greasy afterwards but it absorbs well within minutes. I liked it, but not enough to repurchase. I will try the Korres ones instead! :)

Now onto the haul!! As you may know, I have been on a really low buy for the past few months and I wish to keep it that way. I'm trying to buy only *what I really need*. *Aheum*

Nicola of Bang bang she shoots and owner of was having a special sale on Lunasol eyeshadow palettes a few weeks ago. I was eyeing the Dazzling night palette for a while and when I saw it was on sale, I snatched it right away, along with a few things :)
I was so excited when I saw the package!! She told me that it would arrive in 5 - 7 days by EMS, and thinking I came from the other end of the world, I thought it would take about 6 to 7 days before the mailman would come but it actually took only 3 days, after the shipping confirmation was sent! ^_____^

 The items were nicely packed with bubble warp :D Can you see Hello Kitty? ^_~
Tadaa! I added the Canmake melty nudy lipstick in baby pink & Canmake highlighter. Nic added some Helly Kitty blotting paper!! SO cuteee! Thank you Nicola! :D

I also bought Dior's 2010 holiday collection brush kit at Shopper Drug Mart + Nicole bye O.P.I xmas nail polish ^_^
I love the brush kit! It's perfect for traveling and everyday use. The bristle are very soft! I'll be throwing the nail polish kit in my giveaway too! =P If you haven't entered yet, hurry up! :D It ends on December 19th.

I'll have some reviews coming soon so stay tuned!
Happy holidays! :)


  1. Yay for finished products! It makes you feel so good, right? xD

    And love your haul! I really want to try those Canmake products too! >_<

  2. Congrats on using things up! I'm curious about Aveeno Eczema care as I have eczema on my hnds, so I'm glad you say it works (=

  3. the products sound so good. I used up the mask of magnaminty a few months ago but haven't bought a new one since the weather turned cold!

  4. please review the products from nic! ^^

  5. oh wow you also got the dior holiday brush set! it looks so beautiful and the brushes seem to be of good quality. im totally wanting it!

    yay to finishing products and hauling! thats the cycle of our beauty life right there. LOL :)

  6. I love finishing products! :D
    Nice haul, the Dior brush set looks really pretty~

  7. @Lisa: Yess! When you're about to finish it, you're like omgg cmonn get out!! And when there's no more you're like YEAH FINALLY I CAN THROW YOU OUT LOL!

    @Gaby: You should try it! It helped me a lot with my eczema but it's hella expensive for a lil tube >_<

    @Dodo: me too I didn't repurchase since it''s winter and I feel like it would dry my skin out.

    @Gyc: no problem :D

    @Coffretgorge: Yup the brushes are wonderful I love them! :D

    @Dina: Thank you Dina! :D

  8. you did really good this month! the lunasol canmake goodies are nice. you're so generous for throwing the nail polish kit in the giveaway. the set is pretty!

  9. @Fruity lashes: Thank you! :D

    @Sarah: yess hello kitty :D


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