GIVEAWAY WINNER! + little updates...

Hi guys!
I'm sure you are allllllll excited to know who is the winner of my giveaway right? =P *AHEUM* *DRUM ROLL*

And the winner is.....
#8 Which is Lulu!!

Hurray! Please contact me with your info! =D
Thank you all for participating & I'll be holding more giveaways in the future so don't worry! =)

Now for the little updates..

First of all, I'm happy to let you guys know that my auction sale went well and that I've been able to sell most of my products! Thank you all the people that bidded! *hugs*

Secundo, I know I owe you guys a review and I thought I would have the time to blog and make reviews but I've been so busy working & I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet! Yiikes! My only day off is on the 23rd and 25th =_=''

3 - Thank you all of you who wished me happy birthday! Even though it was sunday, I celebrated friday night with some close friends and we went to eat Mongolian hot pot in Chinatown (by the way I saw Little Miss Queenie, another blogger there and I was so excited but was too shy to say hello XD) and I'm super happy because my boyfriend got the ULTIMATE GIFT (pics coming soon! =P).

and I'll add more updates after LOL =P

Happy holidays people!


  1. yayy omg thank you dear :) i'm super excited! ahh happy belated birthday! i can't wait to see what your bf got you!!! <3
    ps-i'll email you now! :p

  2. bravo a la gagnante!

    oh and happy belated birthday ><!

  3. Gratz to you Lulu!

    i ate hotpot on sunday ! XD
    Bonne fete a toi (en retard :S)!

    Faut pas etre shy devant elle :) Elle est tres amicale! :D
    Si tu veux la voir en personne, elle travaille a Pho Nguyen Phi a cote-des-neiges (bin, elle travaille la bas quand elle fini sa job). Sa famille travaille la bas aussi. (wow trop de "labas") Tu pourras meme voir sa petite soeur twin la bas aussi! xD
    oh, by the way, je ne stalk pas elle la LOL Joyeuses fetes a toi :)

  4. Congrats to Lulu! and Happy belated birthday to you :)


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