Little Miss Queenie giveaway entry + more giveaways + little updates part 2.. =]

Hola Chicaaas!

First of all, I would like to let you guys know that Little Miss Queenie is having a giveaway! In order to enter, you have to make a fan sign so here's my creation ;

Guess what I made it with? ;D I used makeup LOL! I drew the outline with a pencil but I filled in with some eyeshadows & eyeliners haha. I added some bling too =P I'm not pretty artistic but hey, the goal was to be creative! xD If you're wondering, the blue shade is MAC eyeshadow in Suave intention (LE), I used Sephora eyeliner in silver, Annabelle eyeliner in grey and Maybelline's cooling shadow (pencil shadow) in peach. Wish me luck! :D

Now onto the updates! If you read my last post, you must be wondering and excited to know what my bf got me eh? =P No, we aren't engaged or getting married hahaha XD
But he actually got me a netbook! I'm so happy! =D Back in September, I was debating if I should get a smartphone or a laptop, but finally caved into buying a Sony Ericsson Xperia10. So for my birthday, he asked me what I wanted and I had no idea and asked him to buy me some crocs flats (they are fugly but super comfortable for work). He said yes to me but then he told me "I'm going to get you something more useful" (ha! boys..) My bf doesn't like surprises so he told me right away what he would give me.. The thing is he wasn't sure yet because it was supposed to go on sale at Staples on a Saturday morning. Since his friend works there, he said that they only have 20 per store so he would have to go early to line up. I was sure he wasn't going to wake up so early to buy me a netbook but he actually did and I think that the fact he was in line at 7:45am (the store opens at 9am) is priceless. <3

My best friend also got me a totally unexpected gift. 
I was eyeing this cosmetic pouch from Guess since it came out but never bought it because I didn't want to fork out **$ for a thing that *I don't really* need. I've been too tempted once but they didn't have it anymore hahaha.
So spacious yay :D Perfect for storing eyeshadows quads & other stuff for traveling! 

I also want to share another giveaway with you guys, Drey jewelry "New Year" giveaway!

It ends on January 3rd! :)

That's it for today!
Happy holidays! :)


  1. Awee your boyfriend is so cute! You must be really happy!

    And love what you did with the makeup on the paper crown! :P

  2. @Luckiebeauty: Yes I'm really happy but not because he got me the netbook but because of the fact that he was willing to get up early & wait in line in the freezing weather LOL!

  3. *gasp* Hi-five!! I just got a netbook recently too! But I'm unsure about how to use it xD

  4. @Lisa: Yay *high-five* You will blog compulsively on it of course! hahhaha =P

  5. What a sweet bf you have! Love the Guess bag you got, it's definitely great for makeup storage.

  6. What a sweet bf you have! Love the Guess bag you got, it's definitely great for makeup storage.

  7. yayy your bf is the sweetest! it made me aww when you said he woke up early and stood in the cold to get this for you. my hubby is just the same, not good w/ surprises but too practical, sometimes i complain cuz it's not romantic that way, but i know everything that he gets for me, electronic (most time) or not, i know he put a lot of thoughts into it and that is, like you said, priceless <3

  8. never thought of doing with makeup for creativity! i think that you might win =D

    and your bf is so sweet! you are a lucky girl

  9. The fan sign you created is so cute! Good luck :)
    That's so sweet of your bf! Yay for new netbook :)

  10. aww your bf is so sweet! the netbook is beautiful


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