Empties of december 2011 + stuff I regret purchasing in 2011

 Hellooo ladies & gent!
Yay another post! :) It's been a while since I blogged about my monthly empties and I noticed that I've threw a lot of empty bottle for the month of November & December, but never snapped a picture of it to keep track and actually post about it. Blame it on the finals! =P However, there were a few empty that didn't make it to the garbage can. I decided to clean up my skincare stash too so here's some products that I regret purchasing.

Let's start with the finished product:

Clean & Clear blackhead eraser cleansing mask, Clarins Toning Lotion & Biore mild facial foaming wash. Not picutured: Clean & clear eye makeup remover, Philosophy purity made simple cleanser, Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo.

Things I regret purchasing this year
Pond's cleansing towel : I got this as a sample when I bought Q-TIPS and I had a huge rash all over my face afterwards. I've never had a rash on my face before it was really red >.<

Tony Moly eggpore blackhead oil out: This was a really impulse buy and it doesn't work. It didn't do anything for my skin.... It was like rubbing gel with plastic beads on my face.

Skyn Iceland Nordic skin peel: Totally not worth the price. I didn't use it that often and it expires after 6 months.. I had it since last summer and it's still half full.. Fail.

 Juju Aquamoist cleanser : OMG!! This cleanser made my face so oily!! I just didn't understand! It seems to work fine at cleansing but after a few hours, I looked worse than a disco ball! My skin was never THAT oily and was so shocked because it's not like it's a moisturizer.. I think that it didn't suit the dry and cold weather, but it's more for a humid/tropical weather. I read a lot of good reviews on it and it's such a shame that it turned out to be horrible for me.

Juju Aquamoist milky toner: I read super good reviews for this product too but it just doesn't seem to absorb into my skin, no matter how thin the layer was.

I'm giving these away since I barely used them, everything is clean & spotless. I'll also add the toner which has never been opened & is still sealed in the plastic. So the first person to comment with their email and stating that they would like to have these products will be the lucky one!

& Since I'm a sucker for packaging, I couldn't resist to recycle the egg shape container & putted my daily makeup products in there =P

See you guys soon!


  1. and my email add: rescueta@gmail.com

  2. Is it all the products? :)

  3. It's such a shame that the Aqua moist range didn't work for you!!!!! :( And the tony moly one either! But hope you find something way better :) 

  4. I know :( I'm trying out the Naruko skincare line atm and I really like it so far :D

  5.  Yes it's all the set :) The cleanser, toner & milky lotion! I will be sending you a email in a few moments :)

  6. Aww sorry hun! Someone already commented before you :( But don't worry I'll be having more suprise giveaways :)

  7. jaime ce que tu as utilise l'oeuf comme container pour makeup ^^

  8. sorry to hear those products didn't work out so well!  i hate that when it happens to me too!! You did a good job finishing up the products!


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