H&M finds : In quest of the perfect blazer!

Hi guys!
So as you may know, being petite can be quite a complex sometimes.. Remember my last post about my finds at H&M? And the blazer that was way too wide on me? Well I returned it and didn't gave up at finding a nice blazer for my size. And by the way.. Thank you for all of you ladies for your honest opinion & suggestions!

I still had my 5$ off gift card and didn't spent it on the cardigan after all... I decided to wait a little bit, hoping that their spring collection would come out before the expiry date on the gift card.

And I'm glad I did =)
I went shopping with my mama last Sunday, even though it was a freezing -27 degrees outside.

Look what I found!!!!!
Some ladies suggested me to opt for a cropped blazer since I'm petite. I've been seeing a lot of boyfriend blazers, but cropped blazers were rare. So imagine my excitement when I saw these! I love how simple & clean the #1 blazer look, but I found it a bit too dressy for a casual wear. I really liked the fabric of this one too since it feels a lot more sturdy. It strays away from your classic button blazer but still very chic. The back of it is shorter than the front, which I didn't like much. Of course when you're shopping with mama, she always have a word to say :) I asked for her opinion and she said that the style is nice but a bit too mature and not for casual wear. What do you think?

I've seen blazer #2 on my last visit, but there was no more size 2 left. This time, at another H&M, there was only 1 left!! I like the length of it and the pink lining inside =) This one is more casual but not plain simple. I really like the back of it (I will post more pictures soon) and the little detail on the fake pockets. My mom approved this item and thought it looked cute on me. I asked her if the shoulders were too wide and she said that it was ok and that I was too picky! LOL Mom, it's called having high expectations & buying the right stuff ;) I purchased this one but I still have a little doubt in my mind about the shoulders.. May I have your opinions?

Both retail for 39,95$CND.

Please let me know what you guys think about it!
Thank you so much for reading! <3


  1. CUTE CUTE Blazer! I really need a blazer too. But im kinda hesitant on getting a blazer though because I have pretty broad shoulders...i think. So maybe wearing a blazer will make them look wider >.< 

  2. Definitively the 2nd one! :D <3

  3.  It's just about finding the right cut for you :)

  4. From what I can tell from the picture, the shoulders look fine. Sometimes when you look at it too much, it becomes weird. But when I first saw the picture, there was nothing abnormal about it =) I need to find myself a good blazer too! I only have short ones.. I need a boyfriend blazer and a professional one.

  5. I like both!  The first one is more sophisticated and the second more casual.  :D

  6. You are sooooooooo tiny! How tall are you? :) I think this blazer looks fantastic on you!

  7. You should see what Jean of Extra Petite did with the first blazer. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/yO17PV.  

    It really helped the fit a lot!  If you can't do those alterations yourself or don't want to take it to a tailor, I'd go with the second one, hands down.  

  8. The first one fits you really nicely however, you do buy a blazer so that you can wear it so if you wanted a blazer for more casual wear I wouldn't choose this one.

    Can you roll the sleeves of the second one to make it a quarter sleeve? I think it would look and fit better if so! :)

  9.  I saw really nice boyfriend blazers at H&M! :D Check them out if you have time! :)

  10.  Hahaha yes I am x) I'm about 5"2 =P

  11.  Oh thank you for the link! :D I've seen this post too and I found it very helpful! :)

  12.  Yes I can roll the sleeves of the second one and it has pink lining inside! :D I actually got this one mainly because of the pink lining inside xD

  13. They both look nice, but I definitely prefer the 2nd one too. It fits
    you very well and looks great on you. The collar makes it appropriate
    for work, or just casual wear, and it looks a lot more modern in style.
    I think the 1st one looks a bit more mature since it doesn't have a


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