Imomoko haul!!!

Hello beautifulsss & handsomess!

First of all, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! I wish all of you guys a lot of health, luck, prosperity & success! Stay beautiful! =)

Now let's move on to the main topic =P
At the end of December, Imomoko was offering a 15% off certain brands. I needed a new night skincare routine and I've always wanted to try some products from the Naruko line, which was part of the promotion. My order arrived exactly 6 business days later. I like!

Here's the video :)

Products mentioned:
Naruko Narcissus Total Defense night repairing dew
Naruko Narcissus Total Defense moisturizing night repair
Naruko Narcissus Total Defense fundamental serum
Naruko Narcissus Total Defense night gelly
Naruko Tea Tree Oil cut clay cleanser (not received yet)
Cure Aqua natural gel (sent back to the company)

I will post more detailed reviews on each products slowly because I'd like to test them out longer to see the long term results. So far, I really like everything and I'm very surprised at how my skin has improved. I think it is at it best condition right new despite the harsh and cold winter.

Stay tuned!


  1. Naruko products :D
    I recently bought the night eye gelly from this line from sasa! I haven't used it yet though...
    Glad to hear that this line works well for you! They have so many lines and my skin has so many problems I don't even know where to begin haha

  2. Hey! This vid didn't pop up in my subscription so I went to go investigate and realized I wasn't subscribed anymore(?!). I think I might have somehow unsubbed from you when I was cleaning up my list. I love watching your vids because they fall under the type that I like :D

  3. I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this line!! Please please please review the fundamental serum! :P I've been wanting to try this! ^_^ 

  4.  Ohh! But I think it didn't pop up in anyone subscription because I uploaded the video in private mode in order to make add the captions and then made it public a few days later.. Glad to know that you love my vids ^_^ I'm always looking for comments to improve them so don't hesitate :D

  5.  I wanted to buy the night eye gelly too! But I think that alone, it doesn't do much because the gelly is supposed to seal the products into your skin so I purchased the eye cream instead and I love it! :D


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