1st day of May: Cloudy and rainy!

Hey everyone! No this post won't be a product review or a haul haha. It's just a random post that I'm making and some ranting so if you don't want to read it, then just close your window lol.
So yesterday I went to the optometrist because I couldn't see clear anymore with my glasses & contacts & my sight diminished again! After getting my new prescription, guess what I did? I ordered circle lenses XD I'm so excited because I wanted to try them out for so long now =D

Mother day is next sunday! Have you guys planned anything? :) I didn't really planned something for my mom, maybe we will go eat Dim sum lie every year lol. I bought her a Shiseido skincare kit & I hope she'll like it ^_^

Finally I only have 2 days of courses left and after the exams. Gosh this semester was tough. I think it's my worst semester ever since I started college. Everything seemed to go wrong, I was constantly stressed and nervous, unfocused, like I swear I was really having a bad time. At a point, I lost all motivation & confidence and I just wanted to give up everything because I didn't had the strength anymore. I'm trying and trying to motivate myself but sometime self-motivation is not enough anymore and you need someone who taps your back and reassure you that it's rough but you can make it through but it just didn't happen. I spoke to my teacher about it and instead of trying to cheer me up, she just dissed me and crushed my confidence even harder. At this moment, I was so mad and I wanted to cry so much but I just held everything in, listen to the rest of her bla bla and left.

Anyways, I'm slowly regaining everything back, it's hard but I can see the end now, why would I give up now right? Sorry for posting such a depressing post but I just had to let it out.

Thanks for reading


  1. Hello :)

    I have no plans for Mother's Day yet since my mom lives a little far from me, but i plan on mailing her a care package. Dim sum? That sounds so good. I had it today! :) Are you Cantonese?! :D

    I'm sorry to hear about your hard time in school. I can safely tell you that I've been there. What is your major? No matter how easy it seems for others, college is always the most confusing and insecure time of our lives. I graduated exactly last year and I was so worried about not finding a job afterwards and my major wasn't good enough in this economy (I was a Literature major) and I was having a tough time w/my senior thesis. Getting criticized by classmates and faculty for my obscure way of seeing things in my paper. It was one of the most stressful times of my life. But I know you can do it! Don't listen to your ignorant teacher putting you down because he/she is not cut out to be great if they don't understand what you are feeling. College is supposed to give you a reason to think outside the box and to see things radically above anyone else. Keep trying, and never give up! You are so smart for making it so far already :) Good luck, always!

  2. Hey doll... Thanks for visiting my page :]. SOrry to hear about all your stress & frustrations. I know college can be like that & I've had many semesters of feeling like that. I used to just break down and cry!

    Good to hear that you're regaining everything back though. Hopefully things start to look up :]

    BTW I saw on your profile that you live in Montreal. I love Montreal!! I have family that live there and have been fortunate enough to visit 3 times :]

    Take care! <3

  3. hey girl, thanks for commenting! so far, i really like the BB TM but i'll do a detailed spotlight review as soon as i can try it out a few more times to get the full effect. ( :

    btw, i've also been really unfocused in my studies this quarter. ) :
    but we can do it if we try!! ( :

  4. Ah, Dim Sum is such a great idea for Mother's day!

    As far as college - some classes and semesters are definitely harder than others. I think we all have been there at some point or the other - I'm sorry your teacher was such a jerk about things! :( Still, keep your head up and keep pushing on. Just a little more to go!

  5. Thank you all for your nice comments! It's good to know that sometimes we are not alone in this situation :)

    @Rainy: My mom is cantonese but my dad is half vietnamese and half chinese (chao zhou). But yes I do speak cantonese x)

    @Angelique: Awesome! How do you find Montreal? :D


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