GEO Fresh Gray Circle Lens review + Laura Beth's giveaway!

Dum dum dum! I finally received my circle lenses yesterday and I was sooo excited to try them out xD I ordered them from

I bought two pairs: GEO Fresh Gray Circle Lens & GEO Angel Brown Circle Lens.

I've been a occasional regular lenses wearer for now 3 or 4 years. I've just started to wear them regularly for the past few months. For some reason, my eyes are dry and I had to use drops a few times a day but my optometrist prescribed new lenses so I don't experience any dryness anymore. My right eyes is -3.50 and my left eyes -2.50.

So today I'll be reviewing GEO Fresh Gray Circle Lens. I've been wearing them for now 6hours and I feel a little but of dryness but a few drops of artificial tears and the problem is solved. The prescription is right and I can see as clearly as my regular lenses. Let's see those pictures :D
My natural eyes
Indoor light
Diameter: 14.0mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.40 ~ 8.60mm
C.T: 0.04 ~ 0.13mm
Water Content: 38 ~ 42%
Using Cycle: One Year
Power Range: Plano (0.00) ~ 10.00
Manufacturer: Geo Medical Inc.
 20$ on

At first, I was afraid that it would appear "too fake" but as you can see, it appears natural. It's more dark grey than actually grey. It doesn't give me that alien look either hahaha. I had no problem to put them on despise my small eyes. However, if they were a bit bigger, I would never be able to put them in loll!

Review for the GEO Angel Brown Circle Lens will come soon!

Oh and Laura Beth from Makeupmymind is hosting a 100+ follower giveaway! 
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  1. I really love the way your lenses look! :)
    I'm going to have to check out grab myself a pair XD

  2. It looks great on you! My friend bought the same exact one and she expected it to be lighter gray, she said it looks almost like black.

    Miss Nikka

  3. They actually do look natural on you and make the eyes larger. Very nice!

  4. they look really nice!
    i love your eye shape!

  5. Prettty!!!! Your eyes looks so beautiful, like sparkly in outdoor lighting!!

    OMG I can't wait for your review on the Angel series - I want to order Angel lens in grey/brown!

  6. damn. those circle lens look great on you. im gonna check out the site now. grey looks FAB!

  7. I love it! Your eyes looks huge!

    Glad you entered the contest too :)


  8. Your eyes look really intense :) I love both colors! Looks great on you!

  9. They make your eyes look so exotic. Very nice on you. I so want to try coloured contacts one of these days hehe.

  10. OOO, you look like a cute kitty in the last pic! Haha~ Quite mesmerizing~

  11. The lenses look so pretty on you! :3 I have been using GEO Angel brown for over a year now. Those would def look more natural but these ones do too. ^_^

  12. @Dana: They're on sold too! 20$ a pair! :D

    @Miss Nikka: Yeah I expected them to be lighter too but I still like them =)

    @Naturalnchicmakeup: Thank you!

    @Melissa: Aww ty!

    @Sophia: I might get the greys too but I'm not sure anymore XD

    @xbbkay: Thankss! :D

    @Laura: I know eh? Luckily I didn't turned out looking like a alien hahaha!

    @Rainy Days and lattes: Intense? I never thought of that! thank you :D

    @Natalie: Go for it! It changes the look! :D

    @Miss Wiggle: HAHAHA Cute kitty eyes! Omg! When I look at the picture right now, I see kitty eyes! LOLOLOL!!

    @Sugar Sugar: Oh cool! I'll make a review on those soon too! :D

  13. those lenses are nice!
    hmmm how is their service (

    - ♥ Janel [my blog]


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