Bobbi Brown's New Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15 review in #3.25 cool beige + NOTD =D

Hi everyone! How you guys have been lately? I suppose that everyone was pretty busy with exams and studying right? ;D Summer is nearly here, don't give up people! =D

Season changing = update in makeup & skincare routine (well.. for me xD) We tend to opt for more lightweight, mattifying & product that has SPF. So today I'm going to finally review the new foundation that I bought a month ago. I wasn't happy with my Bare Escentuals foundation because I would make a mess of it and it would fly everywhere =_=' I've always wanted a liquid foundation but the ones that I tried always seemed too heavy, too oily, the color wouldn't match and etc. I went for BB creams and I loved it but I ended up with some allergic reactions =(

So finally! I can say that I found a product that I really like and it's Bobbi Brown's new Natural finish long lasting foundation with SPF15!! =)

What it claims : "Oil-free, all-day wear so you’ll have soft-matte, even-looking skin without having to pile on powder throughout the day, this is Bobbi’s soft-matte “sequel” to our (now discontinued) Oil-Free Finish Foundation. Sponge-like powders absorb excess oil on the surface of the skin, while emollients lock in moisture to ensure skin remains perfectly balanced. Transfer-resistant formula helps create a barrier against heat and humidity for 8 hours of wear so makeup stays in place. Perfect for oily and normal/combination skin." (Information from their website)
Picture on top :  #3.25 Cool beige without flash
Picture on the bottom: #3.25 Cool beige with flash

From my experience: At first, I was looking for their skin foundation with spf 15 but unfortunately they didn't have it in stock. They were displaying this new foundation and I decided to give it a try after reading what it claimed. The SA was so nice and helped me out to find the perfect match, which is #3,25 cool beige. We were both surprised because she kept trying on warm tones shade and I was sureee that I was warmed toned but I'm a cool toned gal! OooH! xD

The foundation is very light and watery. It blends perfectly into my skin without any streaks (I use my fingers). It gives you a sheer coverage but it's not THAT buildable so you may need concealer if you have a lot of imperfection to hide. It did a good job at evening out my skintone but I still could see a little bit of redness around my nose, I putted a little bit of concealer and everything was perfect. =) Soft-matte look is the perfect work to describe the finish of this product. It isn't completely matte, just enough so your face appears dewy at the same time. (YAY!) It doesn't leave your face sticky, moist or anything, just a smooth skin. I couldn't even feel it! I couldn't smell any fragrance to it. My nose is not on the sensitive side so maybe it might have a light fragrance to it. My face didn't had any allergic reaction to it. Hurray!

What I didn't liked about this product is that my face still gets shiny after like 6 - 7hours. I didn't wore any powder on top. I had to blot my t-zone and I could see traces of my foundation on the blotting sheet. Transfer-free eh? Maybe not on clothes but on my blotting paper yes xD 

Packaging: 5/5 Nice glass pump bottle.
Product: 4.5/5 Love the soft-matte finish but my t-zone still gets oily!
Price: 3/5 Pretty expensive for the amount you get =/
Scent: ?/5 I couldn't smell anything xD

Would I repurchase? I don't think so, it's way too expensive for 30mL of product! >.<"

Hope it was helpful and I have loads of reviews coming soon! XD 
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Oh shoot! My NOTD! hahaha =P I used "It's bouquet with me" from the O.P.I Modern flower mini collection on the tips.
The glitters are so hard to remove! I'm still trying to remove them right now LOL! Do you guys have any tips/ tricks? Uuugh.


  1. Thanks for the great review. Too bad it makes your t-zones oily. Your nails are so pretty!

  2. Oh, Bobbi Brown! I haven't tried anything from them yet, but they seem to have great staple products. Thanks for the review~ :)

  3. Great that you got your hands on a great foundation!

  4. Foundation~ it's great that you like this foundation! I still don't any foundations yet. hehehe I only have BB creams that I just use as my foundation. ^.^ I really like the packing of this one!

  5. Great review on the foundation :]

    & your nails are soooo pretty!! But I totally agree. I hate removing glitter.


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