L'oreal's Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner review

Pencil liner, gel liner, cream liner, liquid liner, Khol liner.... What's your favorite? Personally, after trying all kinds, it comes down to pencil liner, because it's easy and take no time to apply but I prefer the intensity of color that liquid liner gives me.

So when I saw L'Oreal's new liner, the extra-intense liquid pencil eyeliner, my jaw dropped and I knew I have to get my hands on those! Since it was new, I was expecting that drugstores would have a special section for it so I only looked on these specific section. I was pretty disappointed because I couldn't anywhere at first and I thought that maybe it will come into Canada later (especially in Quebec, we always get the new things last -.-'). When  I went to pay a visit to my friend at the drugstore where she works, I was able to get my hand on it (YAY!) and it was the last black that was left (the other one was grey). =D

When I got home, I tried it immediately. I was so excited lool! I was afraid that it would turn out to be like all the other drugstore pencils, crazy smudging on the lids after a few minutes. I have oily "mono-eyelids", well I have double-eyelids but the lower part gets into the upper part (you know what I mean? Refer to pictures in my FOTD if it's unclear), so smudging and racoon eyes are a major concern. I swatched it on my hand and I was pretty amazed by the color payoff. It's very black and it goes on suppeeeeeerrr smooth, totally like butter!

I waited a bit so it dries and smudged my finger on the line I just drew. Surprise! It wouldn't budge! I tried harder and nothing. The line was still intact. I wore it the next day and the weather was very hot and humid, I was afraid that my eyeliner wouldn't stand such weather but it did! When I came home after my 8 hours shift, the line was still perfect, even in the inner corner of my eyes, where is tends to be the most oily part thus a lot of smudging (please take note that I used a primer and I had eyeshadow on too). I tried it one day without primer and eyeshadow and it only smudge in the inner corner part only.. As for the waterline & tighlining, the color was still hanging on tightly =P I don't have really runny eyes so this isn't a big problem for me.

Overall what I like about this product:
  • My new HG! <33
  •  Long-lasting but not waterproof
  • Retails for about 10$CAD
  • Comparable to Make Up Forever aqua eyes
  • Goes on like butter!
What I don't like:
  • It's limited edition! Booo... I asked a SA at Shopper Drug Mart if they're part of the permanent line and she told me no =(
  • The pencil gets short fast = a lot of sharpening = waste of product
  • Again, they should make it permanent! grrr..
Final rating:
Packaging: 4/5 If it was a automatic pencil, it would be perfecto!
Product: 5/5  Deliver what it claims, my new HG!! (Replacement to my MUFE aqua eyes in 0L)
Price: 5/5 Got it for around 10$CAD (compared to 19$ for MUFE's aqua eyes)
Scent: 5/5 No scent.
Would I repurchase? Yes absolutely. I even bought 2 more as a back up since I know it LE looll!!

If you're a liquid liner lover but a pencil user, I highly recommend this product!! =)


  1. cool! i'll havta check it out, thanks for reviewing!

  2. Great review! It sounds so great, I love pencil liner too. Too bad it's a LE.

  3. Great review =) I've been looking for a new pencil liner for tightlining! Kohl liner smudges so much on me :(

  4. looks promising! thanks for the great review. :D

  5. Thanks for the review! This sounds interesting.

    Have you ever tried the Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer? I love it! My favorite auto eyeliner! :D

  6. This sound awesome! looks good too.
    Keep in touch, Kimberley xxx

  7. Whoa interesting! Gotta try this!

  8. That looks great!! :) Even blacker than the MUFE one. I'm sure there will be a waterproof version soon. Gel liners are wonderful! :)

  9. @SassyAgapi: run before they're sold out! XD

    @Dina: Yeah it's really sad that is LE. :( But I'm sure that they'll relaunch it one day or another XD

    @Susie: Yeah Khol liner smudges big time on me too XD

    @Sugars sugar: my pleasure :)

    @.maitai: Nop but i'll def. check it out! :D Thanks for the recommendation ;D

    @Rainy days and lattes: Yess it's way blacker than the MUFE one. Even tho they don't come up with a waterproof version it doesn't really matter since is so long lasting xD

  10. I have the problem where whats on my lower lid ends up on my upper lid too and it's SOO hard to prevent =( I'm defo going to have to try this product! It looks great and the pigmentation looks even better than a normal pencil liner! =) Thanks for the review!!

  11. NICE! I am so totally going to check this out sometime! I love L'oreal's liquid liner already so this will be perfect for pencil version! =D


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