I've been lazy and giveawayss!!

Hello beautiess! Okay I know I haven't blogged since I don't know when. I'm officially on vacation now and I'm just being lazy right now XD The weather is very hot these days and I find myself spending my time outside hehe. I've been procastinating some reviews and they should be on ummm.... in a few days? I have 2 days off from work for the next 2 day so I should post something in one of the 2 days. :)

Now moving on... I just wanted to let you guys know some super giveaways that are going on right now. :)

The first one is Nikki's Yogalicious Giveaway! It will end when she will reach 500 followers!

The second one is Nic Nic's opening of apopofkawaii.com giveaway! She just opened a japanese cosmetic store! =D
It ends on June 6 and there will be 6 different winners! Yay =D

Okay now I have to get ready for work LOL.
Ciaooo bellas!


  1. hello.. thanks for the giveaway info.. they're just too gorgeous.. can't resist to enter.. :)


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