Clinique's City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face protector SPF 25 review

Hey people! =) I'm super glad to announce that I only have an exam left and summer will be officially starting for me on Thursday May 20th at 4pm!! Hurray! No more reasons to procrastinate the reviews =P

Tonight I'll be reviewing Clinique's City Sheer Block SPF 25. At first, I thought it was a tinted moisturizer but it is not. It's actually a tinted sunblock. Weird huh? It's the first time I ever seen a tinted sunblock haha and I was quiet intrigued. What it claims: "Invisible protection for all skin tones and types from everyday encounters with the sun's UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. Comfortable, ultra-sheer formula uses physical sunscreens, so even sensitive skins can wear it daily. Helps makeup wear longer." (Info from

If you are one of these person that hates the white cast usual sunscreen leave, this product might be made for you. It is also available in SPF40. It's stated that it's a cream on the package but I personally think that it's more a mix of thick gel/cream. Even though it's tinted, it turns out to be invisible when applied. I would not say that it glides super well, but it spreads decently on the skin. I find it tacky after I put it on on my face but it does go away after a while. You have to let it absorbs for a few minutes. Also, when I apply it after my moisturizer, it kinds of peels off when I rub the product on my face.. =/ For the scent, well it has a slight sunscreen scent, which I can bare with it. I didn't break out & the product is oil-free but not mattifying, my t-zone was shiny after a few hours ! Also I find that it doesn't give any coverage at all and it didn't seemed to even out my skintone either even though the product was tinted. Here's some swatches! =) (Without flash + with flash)

Packaging: 5/5 Comes in a squeeze tube. Very portable & hygienic
Product: 4/5 A bit tacky & t-zone get oily after a few hours =/
Scent: 4.5/5 The sunscreen smell is there but not overpowering
Price: 3.5/5 I bought for around 21$CAD. A little pricey for what it delivers.
Would I repurchase? No but I'll still use it.

Thanks for reading!
Good night =)


  1. tinted moisturizer? is really interesting

  2. @Ning star: No it's not a tinted moisturizer lol. It's a tinted sunblock.

  3. LOL! YES, I also use my fiance's SUPER-reflective polarized sunglasses to check my makeup and re-do my hair haha~~ It's very weird when I do it in public hahaa~

  4. Looks interesting! Odds are it wouldn't suit me though. I'm SUPER pale and can never even find liquid foundations or tinted moisturisers to suit me not to mind tinted sunscreens XP

  5. Tinted moisturizer? Very interesting indeed. Hope you will find something better suited for you in the future. Oh and yay for summer!! Congrats for making it through the school year!


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