[CLOSED] Mini Valentine's day giveaway!

Hellooo beauties!!
So today I have a (late) mini valentine giveaway for all of my readers as a HUGE thank you for all of you guys that keep on reading my sporadic post for the past few months! If you have noticed, I blog a little bit more often now, having very short posts with a picture. Do you guys enjoy these kind of posts? The picture are taken with my iphone and I blog directly from there haha =P

I also noticed that I gained some new followers! Hi and welcome! Please manifest yourself by commenting and including your blog link (if you have one)! I like to get to know my readers and discover new blogs too! If you have any suggestions for blogs, let me know! I'm always looking to adding blogs that peak my interest to my blogroll. ^_^

Okay now onto the giveaway.. So there will be one winner and this person will get....

- Nicki Minaj for OPI mini nail polish set
- 2 L'Oreal Colour Riche balm in #118 Pink satin (yup.. 2!!)
- Hello Kitty pen
- Hello Kitty Key cap
- Samples from La Roche Posay (shower gel) and Kibio (mask and eye cream)
- Ferrero Rocher chocolates!!! (If you're allergic to nuts, let me know and I'll replace them by something else)
And... a mystery gift that I'll figure out when the deadline approaches ;)

The giveaway ends on March 17th 11:59pm eastern time!

Fill out the form below to enter! =) Comments posted underneath this post will not count!

You must be a follower if this blog via GFC or a subscriber of my youtube channel (for people that don't have a GFC account). If you follow me on both, you get 2 entries :)

Good luck!


  1. Hi i'm sorry, I send the form twice because the first form isn't complete but i already click enter >_< I hope you don't mind. Thanks

  2. oh dear.. i love chocolates ^_^ thanks for this giveaway.. i have joined.. dear.. hope you follow back my blogs ^_^


  3. omg kello kitties are so cute!! thanks so much for the giveaway, and I am glad you are blogging more now, I need to get back to blogging too! haha

  4.  Yes!! I'm looking forward to see some post of you on my dashboard! :D

  5.  It's ok I fixed it! :D Thank you for participating <3

  6.  Thank you for entering my giveaway and congrats for your beautiful daughter!! :D

  7. I am joining but is this good for outside US bloggers?

  8. Yes of course! It's international =) Thank you for joining! <3


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