As almost everyone is out for Montreal's "nuit blanche" event, I'm home chilling in my warm pyjamas + mask + yummy scented candle... :)

Doing my school work and updating my blog for my lovely readers <3 HAHAHA :D


  1. This sounds sooo good!!
    If you don't mind me asking...what is nuit blanche?

  2.  Nuit blanche is the french term for "sleepless night" and it's a event that happens every winter here. Basically there's activities going on the whole night until tomorrow morning in a lot of places in Montreal =P

  3. Aww =) I love the pretty candle. What's that other thing? Tissues? :)

  4.  Noo it's not tissues haha its a face mask :P I would love to have cute packaged tissues tho xD

  5. awww jaurai pu faire ca XD rester tranquille a la maison xD le lendemain jetais vraiment fatiguee xD


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