Nars Pro-prime smudge proof eyeshadow base review

What is claims: "A lightweight primer that creates a seamless canvas that keeps cream and powder eye color looking brilliant, fresh, and just-applied all day.

What it does:
This smudge-proof eyeshadow base uses a unique polymer and mineral powder blend to get a firm grip on color for long-lasting, gorgeous wear. Fortified with a special deep-sea extract and an antioxidant rice extract, it dries on contact and keeps the delicate eye lid smooth and ready for eyeshadow application." (Source:

I've been a Urban Decay primer potion user since 2009 and when Sephora had their 20$ gift card promotion last December, I thought I was due for a new eyeshadow primer. I mean, I've been using that infamous primer for 2 years now, which usually should have been thrown after maximum a year after opening. The product started to separate inside the tube and it become greasy.

I wanted to try something new & I didn't like the UD primer potion packaging to I decided to pick the Nars Smudge proof eyeshadow base. It was love at first sight (or application haha =P). The texture feels very light and a little bit goes a long way. It dries down very quickly and you don't feel a silicone effect on your lid and at the touch. You're ready to pack on your eyeshadow & liner!

I like to let it set for at least a minute before putting on my eyeshadow and liner. It holds them really well and doesn't make them crease the whole day or night. The eyeshadow color does look more vibrant too and I also like to use the excess of product on my eyelid (before I applied eyeshadow of course!) to my brows prior filling them in. I noticed that the color that I filled my brows with doesn't fade.

I honestly prefer this primer over the Urban Decay one because it doesn't make my lid greasy. When I was using the UD primer, especially in summer, I would notice that my eyeshadow creased a tiny bit a the end of the day with a slight sheen on my lid, but not with the Nars one.

Packaging: 5/5 I have nothing to complain about :)
Product: 5/5 Works amazingly for me!
Price: 29$CAN
Would I repurchase? Yes! =) I don't mind splurging on a eyeshadow base since it's a necessity for me and it last a long time!

You can see a swatch of it in my lastest video of my January favorites! =)

Hope you guys enjoyed!


  1. I'm guilty of extending the life of products that should be thrown out too haha. 
    I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you with an award on my blog!

  2. Nice! There's a lot of people who swear by this!  :) Glad u like it!

  3. i would love to try this primer... but i'm quite happy with Too Face one - works well o my oily lids!

  4. I had a sample of the Too Faced a few years ok but I didn't have the chance to test it out because the formula kind of separated in the tube, I would squeeze out like oily liquid out and it grossed me out so I threw it away lol. But it's definitely a must try on my list! :)

  5. Hahaha well you know if you think it's still good there's nothing wrong to keep using it =P I don't really rely on the suggested life span of a product, expect for mascara =) Thank you for the award!


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