Naked.... Again?!

I received a Sephora for Christmas and I decided to wait and use it on something that I really wanted.. And not on compulsive buy =p

After many weeks of thinking whether i should get it or not, I finally settled :) I sold my original Naked palette! I prefer the Naked 2 over the first one <3


  1. omg you have so much self control than i do, I wanted the naked II but didn't want to let go of my naked I either (hoarder!!), and got it in December but haven't even used it, so bad :( it's so beautiful isn't it! i love to take my naked palette on trips cuz it's got everything I need to create looks from day and night! :)

  2. It was very hard to not use my gift card at first XD But I managed to convince myself that I didn't need more makeup =P I had the original naked palette too but like you, I didn';t reached out for it as much as I wanted too. I sold it to a good friend and got the NAked 2 because I prefer taupe shades over copper/bronze and definitely not regretting my purchase! :D


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