Back2School Concert with Jason Chen in Montreal!!

WOOOOTT!! Ladies, ladies!! I'm so excited hahaha!!

If you follow me, you probably know that I attended Jason Chen's concert this past Saturday (Jan.22) with one of my super good friend & her sister & friends. We bought V.I.P tickets online and were part of a few people who arrived first. We we're sitting in the hall, waiting to get in. Someone asked us if everyone had some papers so we can get autographs and I realized I didn't bring anything! (Dumb..)

Then.... I see Jason & Kenneth walking by. I elbowed my friend and I whispered "C'est Jason!!!!!!!!!!" (It's Jason in french) And we just looked at him pass by.... I was so surprised I just stared at him and I guess the others too because no one shouted or said hi hahahaha!!

As VIPs, we had a session of meet and greet with the artists and seriously.. I didn't know the other artist except Donsmoove lol. We had to wait in line to get pictures and autographs and guess where they put Jason? At the end.... Since I didn't have paper, I just took the back of my ticket that I had to print out hahhaa.. So the first one sitting was Donsmoove so I approached and said "Hi! Sorry I just have this piece of paper" He just laughed and said oh its fine..HAHAHA!! I laughed at myself. I got an autograph from Angela Huang (who by the way, did an amazing performance with James!) The music was so beautiful!

There were a few more artists, but we didn't knew them at all so.... me and my friend skipped the line to Jason's table.. I know, I know, it's mean but when you don't know who they are what are you going to tell them??!?!! But now I regret it, I should've take an autograph from everyone because they were ALL amazing performers! Gr..

So there I was waiting to meet Jason and dun dun dun... It was my turn. Guess what? I came, handed him the paper and said in a squeaky voice "hi" ................... and blurted "thank you" when he finished and walked away. SHAMEEE!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! This is what I wanted to say "Hi Jason! Nice meeting you! You're doing an amazing job and I love the covers that you make. I can't wait for your new single to come out." Fail. Fail. Fail. At least my friend didn't went into a shocked trance and asked him if we could take a picture with him hahahahha.

Yeah, me and my friend are dwarfs. LMAO.

We were lucky enough to sit at the 2nd row! WOOT! We saw everything and the show was truly amazing. We discovered so many new artist and talented people from our area! Anyways, I'll show you guys some pictures! I didn't bring my camera so all the pictures were taken by my friend or her sister.

 Jason Ray

W, do someone knows where I can listen to them? I searched on YT but I didn't find anything! :(

Jason Chen

They had other super talented artist too: Angela & James, Young Avz, Samir & Sarah (they sang bu de bu ai!!) You can click on this link to go directly to the event's page on facebook to see more pictures & videos.

Overall it was a super fun experience, I had a blast & I hope he will return to Montreal soon (hopefully in summer and not winter LOL.. poor him, the first thought he probably had when he landed here must be something like "did I end up in Alaska or something?") He is so funny! He heard somewhere that, Canadians are afraid of the dark... Everyone was like "huh?" and then someone just shouted "WE DON'T LIVE IN IGLOOS TOO" LMAOO...

Okay enough with my excitement.
It was my first concert ever so please bare with me.
I'm still excited.
Okay enough for real.
Good evening guys, now I must recopy the notes I took in class this morning.

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