New Year 2011 resolutions + December collective haul & new work space!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 everyone! Even though we are January 2nd.. hihi. It's never too late to wish you guys a Happy New Year right? =P I can't believe that 2010 is already over! It was the year where I really got into blogging and I met super nice blogger ladies!! It was also the year where I did some massive hauls *phew* and did a lots of spontaneous buys (not good for the wallet >_<). On the personal side, there were a time when it was really rough at school because I had to make a life changing decision that I didn't necessarily wanted to make (those who followed before know what I'm talking about), but finally I just followed my heart and I want to thank again all the supportive comments & emails I received concerning this issue <33
NOW 2011 IS HERE!! Let's stop looking back and turn our heads to look forward!

My 2011 resolutions are:
  1. Save money. Buy smart. I have to cut down my spending on beauty products (& clothes & handbags) because I have way too many and I'll have to learn to finish a product before buying some more! I'm trying to work out a weekly budget and cut down the usage of my credit card hehe. Plus, I won't be able to work as much as before since I'm starting a new program. Goal for 2011: save minimum 200$ per month. Allow myself to buy 1-3 beauty products per month, no new handbag before spring/summer hahaha!!
  2. Get good grades in my new program. I can't allow myself to fail again. I will have no excuses! Goal for 2011: COTE R DE 30! (haha people from Quebec know what I mean ^_^)
  3. Gain weight! Damn it, it's been like since I'm 17 that I weight the same and I can't find a way to gain a little bit more! I eat a lot, don't get me wrong, but I don't know where it goes o_O?? Maybe I eat too healthy? LOL xD My mom cooks very healthy (I'm lucky =p) so "eating healthy" doesn't exist in my resolution! Goal: pop a vitamin pill each day! ahahha XD (It helped a little last time I tried..)
  4. Stick to my sleeping routine (in other words, listen to my mom when she tells me to go to bed) I'm 20, but my mom still tell me to go sleep when it's pass 11h30pm! And when it's 12am and I'm still not in bed, she scolds me like a little kid that I'll get bad/dull skin & premature wrinkles! Buahaha, except when I study. Love you mom! XD
  5. Learn to cook? My bf always says that my mom is a amazing cook and I should learn from her so I can cook for him hahaa.
  6. Finally tell my parents I changed program? =/ I dread this moment. >_<
  7. Cherish every moment like every year! :D It's important to be happy ^_^
  8. ANNDD..... Blog more! =P My goal will be to blog at least once a week! (I know that's not a lot, comparing to other bloggers, but I'll do my best!)
I guess that's it for this year!!  I hope I'll be able to accomplish everything! *Cheers*

Now onto the collective haul of December 2010!!
Let the pictures speak! ;)
 Bath & Body works antibacterial hand cream + antibacterial spray. 3 for 10! I love love love the midnight pomegrenate scent!

A brooch I got from Simons on sale a 5,99$ :) Very nice to close up my warm cardigan!

Diorskin nude fresh powder! I finally decided to splurge on this after reading NatNg review! (Check her blog out ^_^)

Givenchy LE Le prisme e/s! They were on sale at Sephora for 13$ =P

I've been able to snatch a UD Naked palette on Steph's (Dsk Jewelry) blog sale and I got it in the mail on the 31st!! So happy ^________^

AND FINALLYY...........

My new desk! I bought this online on, since they don't carry it in store. If you're curious about the model, it's the "Bestar Access Computer Workstation in Soya Brown". My previous desk was absolutely huge and took way too much space. My room is tiny and now it feels roomier! lol xD If you follow me on twitter, that was the mega clean-up I was talking about =P

A look into my MU stash. The product that I've putted on my shelf are the one I use and teh rest are tucked underneath in my makeup bags & traincase lol.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!!

*Oh and I reached 30 "likes" on my FB pagee! Thank you all! And welcome to all the new followers! *HUGS*


  1. Happy new year sweetie! Im glad to hear you had an amazing 2010 as well! reading your resolutions, i was surprised to read you havent told your parents about switching programs yet? haha! please tell them already, so you can start 2011 with a light heart. ;)

    wishing you all the best! :)

  2. Good luck with your resolutions and happy new year!!
    And good luck breaking the news to your parents! I hope they'll handle it okay.

    Haha, try eating un-healthy to gain weight xD

  3. happy new year!!

    hehehe je prefere de maigrir qu'engraisser xD jai trop gras en moi

    et bonne chance pour ta cote r ^^

  4. wish you a happy new year, too :3 you really have a lot of resolutions. i like them, but i think it will be hard realizing all of them.. so i hope the best for you! hehe

    ShuShu ♥

  5. Happy New Year!

    WOW. I think this is the first time that I hear a girl who wants to gain weight! Good luck with that... And good luck with your new program! All the best for this new year ahead!

  6. Bonne année! Et je te souhaite de réussir toutes ces belles résolutions que tu t'es donnée.

    J'adore tous les achats!!


  7. omg your new desk/vanity is adoravble!! and so glad you got the naked palette, i was thinking about you when naked palette came back in stock at sephora today, and thinking whether if i should help you get one haha, cuz u wanted it so bad! let us know how you like it <3


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