*PIC HEAVY* Massive Clothing haul + love package + new haircut + mini tiny haul! =P

Hi Everyone!!
Here I am with the massive clothing haul I promised you guys!! It's a collective haul from all the clothing I bought in the month of January. It's been such a long time I didn't bought clothes and I guess it was time to revamp my closet! I did some major cleaning and I had some clothes that I was wearing in like high school o_O I ended up donating most of my clothing because it didn't fit anymore or it was outdated LOL (I had shirts from when I was 14!) Pictures are worth a thousand words so here they are! :)

Pink ruffle top from Dynamite & tank tops from Garage

T-shirts from Limite. Initially, I only bought the pink & purple. I liked them so much I bought it in the other colors except the yellow one LOL! Their V neck is not too low & the sleeves adds a bit of "chicness" in it so it's not too casual :) Super comfy too!

Tops from American Eagle. I finally returned the cardigan because the fabric felt kind of cheap.. for the price I paid. (Scroll down to see the back of the t-shirt)

Lace top from FOREVER21. I love lace details clothing lately and I knew I had to get this! :D

Black blazer with Zebra print inside from Chado. I've been hunting for a boyfriend blazer lately and all the XS sized blazer I tried were way too big on me. This is the only one that fitted me xD

American Eagle Jeggings. My new discovery! These are the most comfortable pants I've ever tried! I bought several Jeggings from Forever21 before these one and loved them (I only wear those atm haha) but AE's jeggings are more comfortable. The blue jean jegging is in size 0 and the black one is a size 00. I think that the size 00 fits me better because it stretches out. The size 0 still fits, but not as good as the 00 one. It also gives a nice shape to my bum bum LOL!
(I know I'm not fat, but don't worry! I'm not anorexic either.. Just petite :D)
1st pic: AE Shirt & AE black jeggings (I love the back of the shirt, reason why I bought it =P)
2nd pic: T-shirt from Limite, vest from garage & AE (jeans) jeggings

I bought these boots at Sirens, they had a promo going on (buy one pair, get the other pair at 10$) hehehe. I wanted some boots knee-high boots for spring but most of them don't fit because I have small calves. It would leave like a huge space around it and I hate it. These aren't exactly thigh, but not too loose either around my calves. 
 This is the other pair I got, I don't have knee-high (okay these are more mid-calf?!) high heels boots so I decided to get these :D


Not long ago, Lulu was the winner of my blog anniversary giveaway! We were able to get to know each other a little bit more and since the giveaway ended on my birthday, she sent me a birthday gift ^_^ Thank you so much Lulu! =D I wanted to try St-Ives green tea line for ages! Unfortunately it's not available in Canada :( One word for this line : LOVE!

  I also received the earings that I purchased from Drey Jewelry! It didn't take long to arrive, about 4 or 5 days ^_^ Merci beaucoup Audrey pour les superbes boucles d'oreilles et de les avoir nommées après mon nom <3
A little bit of camwhoring ;D

It's been a while since I didn't have a haircut and & want to grow my hair for summer. I want super long hair! hehe. I have fine hair but A LOT! So I needed it to be thinned out a little bit and I decided to go for bangs. I was hesitant at first because I always had a bad experience (the hairstylist would always fail at cutting my bangs = traumatized LOL) but I decided to do it anyways. I showed him a picture of what I wanted exactly.
I brought Catherine Zeta-Jones picture. I wanted the same style of bangs. It turned out to be a success! However, I wanted my bangs to be a little bit shorter so I decided to trim them a little bit by myself........
And I freaking ruined them :( GAAAAHH!! I have to wait know in order to have the side swept bangs =.='' Oh btw, I'm wearing the Revlon Colorburst new shade in Pink Sugar :) More details below!

I know, I know, I told you guys I was going on a makeup/skincare product ban for a month. I've been able to fight the temptation for a week and 6 days. I won't hide from you guys : I really wanted Dior's polish in Gris Montaigne and after seeing all the swatches, I told myself it would be the first thing I'll buy after my makeup ban LOL. But it's LE and from the Spring collection so I don't know for how long it would still be on the shelf so I didn't take a chance. Also, it's been a while since I saw that Revlon had new shades in their Colorburst lipstick line. I was eyeing Pink Sugar for a while now. I was lemming for Chanel's Rouge Allure too in "Mythic" but it's waay out of my budget right now. I took a closer look at Pink Sugar and it seems that it's kind of similar to the Chanel one... HA! Let me know what you think :) I tried it on and it's very sheer, but buildable. (I had a closer swatch of it on my lips but forgot to upload it :( I'll try to put it in tomorrow!)

Phew! That was a lenghty post! I hope you guys enjoyed it & let me know if you prefer lenghty or short posts! :)
School started last week and I already have so many readings & work, but I promise you guys I'll post at least once a week! :)
Happy Chinese New Year to all my asian fellows! =P

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