Making macarons attempt #3. + lil updates

Hi guys!
If you've been following me on twitter, you must know that I'm trying to make macarons since yesterday! Hahaha I just wanted to make a short post on it + some lil updates.
My attempt #3 to make macarons failed again!! Aaaaaaaaaaah!! They looked nice before entering the stove, but after, it went all flat :( Booooo... My mom was making fun of me and my dad just rolled his eyes when he saw the results LOLLL!! But it's ok, I'll try again another day when I'll be off work :)

I've made some minor changes to my blog, like adding intense debate for the comments & added the bloglovin' button. hehe =) Since I switched to intense debate, the old comments cannot be viewed anymore but just to let you guys know that I read them and here are the response to your comments =P

@Everyone Happy New Year! :D

@Coffretgorge: It's so hard telling them >_<" I'll start the year with a light heart, but they will start it with disappointment :( Still trying to find the right time! :)

@~Lisa: Thank you! LOL Eating un-healthy?! Maybe? XD

@petitechouxx: Hahah j'essaye depuis toujours de prendre du poids, mais mon metabolisme de fou ne me laisse pas :(

@ShuShu: Can't agree more! I'll try my best though! :)

@Crystal_Luvz: I know eh? I'm the opposite of everyone else haha! I always thought that a woman with curves are sexier than.... sticks =P

@Luckiebeauty: Merci bcp! ^^

@Lulu: HAHA yeah I got so excited when the Naked palette was finally in stock and I thought about getting a back-up but after thinking twice, I just closed the browser LOL =P

@Gaby: Thank you! :D

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