*PIC HEAVY* First haul of 2011 + Japanese hair bun accessory + FOTD

Remember my 2011 resolutions about beauty products......? Hehe :) It's sad to say that.... I already failed. LOL!
Well... some items that I purchased are replacements for the ones that I finished, so I guess it's ok? *rolleyes*
Anyways, I know that I will be using these products so who gives a damn! =P

Now onto the haul! Please note that I didn't bought all these at the same time haha.

Quick-dry hair towel. Here's the thing: I don't and hate to blow dry my hair. I try to stay away as much a possible from the blow dryer because it makes my hair really static in winter, make my hair frizzy and they feel dry afterwards. So everytime I wash my head, I dry them up as much as I can with my towel. When I saw this at Winners (9.99$CAD) I had to grab it and it really works! It cuts off the time my hair takes to air dry because it's very absorbent! :)

 Ralph eau de toilette for woman by Ralph Lauren. This is the first perfume I ever bought! I'm not someone who likes perfume very much, but I have found the one and it's this one! I smells so good, yet very delicate. I use it everyday since I bought it and it doesn't cause me to sneeze! My bf likes it too so it's a plus haha <3 I'm very picky about scent so I'm glad that I have finally found MY perfume :) Plus, it came in a gift set on sale at 46$CAD (only the big bottle of perfume cost 99$). My bff works in a drugstore so she kept in on hold for me yay haha. <3

Sephora haul!!!! Oh yeaa =P My main reason for going to Sephora was to get UD's 27/7 pencil liner (they have a travel size set of this + mascara) because I needed a liner replacement since I ran out of my Stila stay all day waterproof liquid liner. But guess what? They had it back in stock woohooo! :D UD liner, see you next time!! Since I have the Stila liner, I don't use pencil liner anymore. I also got Sephora Mineral brush, since I purchased the Dior powder not long ago and love it! I didn't have a decent brush for the powder so I splurged on this one. It's very very soft and fluffy! Feels great on the skin, compared to the Bare mineral brushes (I'll be selling the Bare Minerals brushes soon, let me know if you are interested!) Also, it's been a while since I had over 500pts in my Beauty insider account (hmm.. no comment!) and their past gifts didn't really interested me. Last time I took their Bare Mineral 500 pts gift but I guess they forgot to deduct it from my account haahha so now I have a Philosophy skincare gift set! Since I love their cleanser, I night as well give a try to their creams.

Drugstore haul!! I ran out of my previous eye makeup remover so I had to get another one. I saw pretty good reviews on the Neutrogena hydrating eye-makeup remover lotion on MUA, so I decided to give it a try! So far, it works out pretty well. I'll make a review on this soon =) I also got Covergirl natureluxe SPF15 lipbalm in 225 Marble. I really liked the shade on Taylor Swift in the ad but I came to realization that it was really sheer! =( Boo... But I still like it because it moisturizes my lips decently (no dry flakes!) and has spf 15. It also gives you the shine of a lipgloss without the stickiness! =D

That's it for the haul! =p
Now I want to show you guys my favorite hair accessory! It's a wire with a kind of sponge around it to create a bun! I believe it's japanese.. I don't know how they call it haha.
You've probably seen them on YT. It's very fast & easy! All you do is tie up a pony tail and roll down the thing! You can see a tutorial here (by BEAUTYQQ) I've never been able to make a proper bun before using this because my hair length is different and I would use way too much bobby pins but now it's simple and fast hehe. Only 1 bobby pin needed and voila! It holds super well too! There are different sizes as you can see. Small wire = small bun, bigger wire = bigger bun. WAHAHA!

Okay now FOTD time! It's been sooooooo long since I posted a FOTD! Here's the first one of 2011!
- Diorskin nude natural glow fresh powder in 020
- Dior skinflash concealer/illuminator
- Shu Uemra hard pencil in seal brown

-Canmake Melty nude lipstick in baby pink

- UD primer potion
- UD Naked palette (Sin all over the lid and Buck on the outer corner)
- Stila stay all day waterproof pencil
- Kiss Me heroine long & curl mascara
(Booo.. my camera washes the color out :( )

Pheeeeeeeeeew! I hope you guys liked this post and that it wasn't too lengthy! 
I have 2 weeks left before school starts!!
Have a great week people!

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