Finished products of December 2010

Hello ladiess!
It's that time of the month again!! No no no.. Not the woman thing. It's the finished products of the month! =)
I only managed to finish a few things :

The Body Shop White Musk breeze smooth satin body puree
(Sorry I took a old picture because my mom threw out the bottle already lol) I really liked the smell of this product, very light & fresh with a light hint of citrus scent. Very good for summer time, but not moisturizing enough for winter time! For full review : click here :)

Rusk sensories Purify shampoo
(Sorry no pictures! My mom threw it away too before I could snap a shot lol.She asked why did I kept these "lap sap" (garbage)). I finally finished the 1L!!! I didn't liked the scent too much, it was too sweet (candy sweet) for my taste. Also, it seems that it weights down my hair and didn't clean my scalp as I would like it to. I bought it on special for 12,99CAD at Winners. Won't repurchase. I'm using Shiseido Tsubaki Head Spa (Gold bottle) and lovee itt <33
Stila Stay allday waterproof eyeliner
I absolutely loveeeee this liquid liner! I used this every single day since I bought it and it lasted me a good 3 months (and 2 week haha) It's so easy to work with and it's super precise! I was able to achieve the thinnest line ever with no tugging & it didn't irritated my eye when I would tightline with it (I don't tightline like with a pencil, I would just apply it a thin line under my lashes, because they grow weirdly =P). I went to my local Sephora store to buy another one but it wasn't in-stock and the other Sephora is way too far so I ordered Dolly Wink's liquid liner instead to try it out and see if it's as good as this one =)
Revlon Spa Age Defying illuminating concealer in 002
This product worked pretty well for me, it didn't settled in fine lines and covers my minor dark circles. It did a good job at illuminating underneath my eyes too =) It's not as light as Dior's Skinflash radiance booster pen but it's a very good alternative for beauties on a budget!
And now.. Products that went straight to the garbage before being finished =X
Maybelline The Falsies Volume express
Most of you knows that Mascara have a life span and I don't really respect it, until I feel that the mascara makes my eyes itch hahaha (no good). That was before, when I was wearing glasses. Now that I wear contact lenses, I'm way more vigilant because I don't want to get an infected eye x_x. So when I noticed some  changes in the texture, I just tossed it out. I really liked this mascara before discovering my current HG (Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl mascara). It had a very wet formula and it would lift my lashes & giving them some volume. I didn't bought the waterproof formula so it was pretty easy to remove. 

That's it! 
Hope you guys enjoyed! =P
S <3

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