OMG!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! HABS WON 2-1 AGAINST THE CAPITALS!! Wow!!! Even though I'm not a big hockey fan, I'm still excited :D Hahaha just wanted to share my excitement of the moment hahaha.

The weather as been crazy these few days omg! It was starting to warm up around here and BANG! Snow again yesterday! Wtf?! I left home at 6am and it wasn't that bad, it was raining a bit and BAM! When I got out of my intership at the hospital at 4pm, I see everything covered with snow! O_O' Mother nature is bipolar ._. Everything melt down today and we can see the fresh green grass again! :) Hope that summer is coming soon!

I'm currently working on my reviews, fixing up some pictures & they should be on friday night. Check back :) Oh and I finally received my Imomoko order but I have to pick up the package tomorrow at the post office since there was nobody home. Another haul coming! ;P

Have a great week people! <3


  1. haha I love that name "Imomoko"! Sounds so cute :) Can't wait to see you reviews!


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