Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in #21 & Missha watery BB cream reviews.

Hi everyone! Tonight I'll be making a review on Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in #21 & Watery BB cream. I bought these a few months ago from ebay (seller: RubyRubyShop). I found out about BB creams not so long ago.. about 5months? Yeah, heck it took me some time hahaha. I didn't really knew what was going on in the asian beauty market before so when I found out about those BB cream, damn I wanted to try them too! xD In fact, I've been tempted by some beauty bloggers & the benefits of it after doing a little bit of googling. I bought both of them at the same time.

The one that I really wanted to try was Missha's Perfect Cover BB cream SPF42 PA+++. (Both are from the same brand so I'll stop naming the brand lol) I've been trying to find a few swatches to see what shade to get but it was so hard omg! They only have two shades #21 and #23. I got the #21 since I'm very fair skinned (NW20). The texture is pretty similar to tinted moisturizer. It's less thicker than a foundation but it still does a good job at evening out your skintone and covering some light imperfections, it covers the redness around my nose & my dark circles =P. A little bit goes a looong way, it blends beautifully into your skin & makes your skin look dewy. I find it a bit too sticky & made my t-zone shine after a while. If you have combo skin like mine, I would recommend it for the winter time since I find it too heavy for warmer weather. (see swatches below)

Overall, here's my ratings for this product:
  • Packaging: 5/5 I like tubes! It's hygienic & you're sure to get all your product!
  • Price: 5/5 I got it for like 13 or 14$US?
  • Scent: 4.5/5 A mild baby powder scent
  • Formula: 3/5 A bit thick for me...
  • Would I repurchase? No! I had a allergic reaction to it! It really sucks =( booo.

Th other one is Watery BB cream SPF27 PA++. It comes only in one shade and it looked dark at first but don't worry, it blends like magic! Like the name stated, it's a watery texture which me likey! =D It's very light, not sticky, application is smooth. However, it doesn't give much coverage, it evens your skintone but that's about it. It covered a litttllee bit the redness around my nose but it's not enough for me. Also, if your not careful and you press your tube too hard, a lot of product will come out because it's pretty runny. It's not because it's light-textured and watery that it provides oil-control. My t-zone still gets oily but less than with the perfect cover one. I top it off with my BE mineral veil and it does the job. I would recommend this for summer but it's also good for winter time but make sure to moisturize before.

  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Price: 5/5 I got it for 14$US
  • Scent: 4.5/5 A mild fresh scent
  • Formula: 4.7/5 a bit too runny..
  • Would I repurchase? Yes! =)
 Left to right: Missha Perfect Cover in #21, Missha Watery BB cream 

The next thing I will try is L'Egere's BB cream! =D
Thanks for reading & tell me what you think about BB creams!


    1. Great review hon! =)
      I've been looking into trying BB creams, this has peaked my interest haha

    2. $14?? Wow! And I like watery too! Can't stand the thick foundations.. And I'm like you~ I just learned of BB Cream a few months ago.. and I just went to Korea in October and had no idea at that time what this magical "BB" stuff was >.< Kicking myself cuz I coulda bought sooo much stuff there... I will def check out that seller when I get a BB cream!

      Thx for posting this review! Super helpful ^_^

    3. Thank you ladies ^_^ Glad to know it helped! :)

    4. THANKS for the review! I am scared to get the first one despite good reviews b/c I heard that the darker color which matches me best (#23) looks a bit ashy on the skin. The Watery one looks nice though!

      Looking forward to the next BB Cream review!

    5. Heye! Sorry it took me so long to leave a comment.
      BB cream! Guess wad? I do not own one. Although it came out in the market for so long already! I of course have been thinking of getting one. I just love to buy lippies and other colored makeup more than skin tone base makeup. HAHA.

      I'm sorry you had allergy reaction! Hope your skin is better now. =))


    6. I've tried Perfect Cover BB Cream, it's just a sample though and it turned out greyish on me. Great review anyway :)

    7. great review! i still have not tried out any BB creams yet :(

    8. @Irene: #23 looks very greyish and yes I heard that it does give you a ashy look. I wouldn't recommend it after seeing some pictures =/

      @rene: "I just love to buy lippies and other colored makeup more than skin tone base makeup." LOLL! It's true it's more fun to buy colored stuff XD

      @Dina & Jenny: Thank you ladies! =)


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