Laneige Hydra solution essence & white plus renew night cream review

Hi everyone! It's finally friday people! :D I can finally relax & post some things on my blog! So today my review is going to be on Laneige Hydra Solution essence & White renew night cream that I bought a while ago on

Let's start with Laneige Hydra Solution essence!

I was tempted to get this after seeing some advertisement of it in a chinese Elle magazine & Bubzbeauty's video on youtube xD. It claims: "Laneige HYDRA SOLUTION Essence contains freshly preserved Himalaya Snow Water components. It immediately permeates into skin like melting snow, providing hydra-energy promptly. It offers deep hydration and vitalizes dull and dry complexion. The vitamin and amino-acid components help skin to obtain hydration from deep inside with anti-wrinkle and whitening effects."

As you can see, it has a super beautiful pump bottle! It dispenses the right amount of product each time (a pea size), which is perfect to cover my entire face. However, the plastic bottle is not clear, so you can't see how much product is left. Back in the winter, I had very dry skin so I decided to purchase it because it's intended for dry skin type skin but I also read that it was good for normal to combo skin. I started to use it 2 weeks ago and I must say that it's an pretty good product but way overpriced.

The product has a white/clear gel type texture. It's really lightweight and absorbs quickly too, maybe a little bit too quickly. When it touches your skin, it seems like it melts & turn into water on you so you have to spread it quickly or else you'll have to use more product. I was very surprised by that XD I was like "wtf? where the product has gone?" LOL! It doesn't leave a sticky feeling and it has a nice delicate fresh scent to it. It didn't clog my pores & my skin didn't react to it (I tend to get some red patch on the face when I use certain product with perfume in it). You can feel that your face is moist and well hydrated but seriously, I haven't seen any whitening effect.. Maybe I'm already Snow white? ;D BUT! Even though it's very lightweight, my t-zone gets oily after a few hours so I think that it's more suitable for winter, where my skin is really dry. It started off fine but like the weather is warming up, my t-zone decided to reactive it's sebum production =_='. I bought it on for 39,40CAD (39,20US).

  • Packaging: 4/5 I don't like the fact that I can't see how much product there's left!
  • Price: 3.5/5 A little bit overpriced
  • Scent: 5/5 Love the fresh scent of it!
  • Formula: 4.9/5  -0.1 for the oiliness on my t-zone after a while! :(
  • Would I repurchase? Yes but only in winter! :)

Secundo! Laneige white plus renew night cream! I was intrigued by the "whitening" effects and I needed at night cream so I decided to give it a try. I was hearing so much good things about Laneige that I decided to stay in this line. What it claims: "LANEIGE White Plus Renew Night Cream works intensively while you are sleeping to give you radiant and clear skin by doubling the whitening effect of White Plus Renew Complex. Together with the white birch ingredient, it boosts skin metabolism and prevents pigmentation. Besides, it contains sugar apple to strengthen the water circulation function. As a result, it detoxifies your skin while removing melanin, leaving it brightened, luminous and supple."

This night cream is a little bit thick but spreads out very nicely and melts into your skin like the hydra solution. You can't even feel it after and it's not sticky! WooHoo! You can feel that your face is fresh, plumped and well hydrated. It also absorbs quickly and has a really nice calming fragrance to it! (It seems that Laneige products have all the same perfum xD A little bit goes a long way people! I really like this night cream because it's not heavy, it is rich but you don't have this "creamy" feeling on your face and it didn't clog my pores. The next morning, I wake up with a "baby butt" smooth face, with a very very very little (tiny, tiny) oil on my nose ONLY! YESS! Not even my t-zone! ;D The redness around my nose is non-existent and my skin does really look bright & luminous. It totally went over my expectations. I bought it on for 36,30CAD (36,10US).
  • Packaging: 5/5 At least I can see how much there's left & I don't mind scooping out my product :)
  • Price: 4.5/5 Pretty decent for such a amazing product :)
  • Scent: 5/5 Love the calming scent of it!
  • Formula: 5/5 What can I ask more? :D
  • Would I repurchase? Yess!! But I need to test it out for summer time to see if it's suitable!
Thanks for reading & I hope it was useful!
Good night everyone and have a nice weekend!


  1. I think the night cream looks so hydrating because it's thick and I love when a product is in a jar and I can dip into it. :)


    xox Laura Beth

  2. @Laura: Me too I love jars! But I know that some people don't because they say it's not hygienic and stuff but I don't really mind :)

  3. Omgosh thank you for the this post! I was hoping to read a review on the hydra solution essence somewhere before I buy it (though not anytime soon haha). Sounds like a great product. One other question though, is the smell really strong?


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