Mini-contest winner + haul + NOTD =) *pic heavy*

Helllooo ladies! I guess that you guys are super excited to know who is the winner is and which bag I finally bought right? xD So should I show you guys the bag or the winner first? =P Let's go for the winner! Finally I didn't use as specified, I used a random name generator instead because it's more fun & exciting =D

Entering the names of all the beauties <3

all names are scrambled... the first letter popped! a H!!


Please email me your mailing address at x-mokaa[at]hotmail[dot]com. You have 48 hours to claim you prize hun! =) Thank you for all of you who participated, all your comments were helpful and convincing (that's why I just couldn't pick a winner haha). You guys are amazing & don't worry, I'll have more contests coming & a 50 follower giveaway (if ever I reach 50 follower.. LOL)

&& Here is the superstar that you've been all waiting for.. *drumroll*

YEEESS!! I CHOSE THE LONGCHAMPS ONE! wheee =) At first, I went checking out the Juicy Couture bags all over downtown and it didn't seem as attractive as it was before. Like Rainy Days & Lattes wrote : "their bags are quite heavy". When I picked it up, geez I surprised at how heavy it was. My friend told me it was cute and all but a bit too "princess" and very tweenie like haha. Seriously, when I went to Ogilvy (the only place in Montreal that sells Longchamps) and say them, I wanted to put my hands on it and touch it LOL. They're simple, lightweight but yet so classy and chic. My friend totally fell in love with it LOL she even reserved the LE bag that the SA showed us. At first, I didn't know which color to choose. They're all pretty! I tried the white one, but it's dirty, I asked for the beige but the SA said she don't have it and I went for the navy blue. I looked at little bit more and OMG! There it was.. calling my namee..! It's like a deep violet/navy blue like. Beautiful. It was the one! hahaha. Despite it's small size, it fits a lot of stuff in there. I can even fit my twilight book (in the picture) and some more stuff! xD

Okay enough now with my bag, we know that you love your bag littomokaa, now shut up.

Let's move on to my NOTD!! Today was very sunny outside and hot! 25 degree celcius!! WHOAA! There were already some people wearing shorts outside haha. 

AH HA! Finally the picture is a little bit clearer. As you can see I also put on some false lashes from Ardell =) It's the first time that it finally worked! hahaha. I used Kose's Esprique precious palette in C-1 to do this soft brown smokey look. Very subtle & natural yet shiny but not too much. I really like this palette. I eyelined with Bobbi Brown's gel liner in black ink. 

Thank you again for all the contest entries & have a Happy Easter! ^_^
Eat a lot of chocolate~


  1. Yaaay! HAha that's me~! Unless there were 2 Sophia's.... I'm glad you went with Longchamp! Another good thing I forgot to mention, but I thought of today because it rained ~ because it's nylon, rain falls right off and doesn't ruin the material!

    I like that color you got ~ I was contemplating that as well. Since it's such a good price, I may get another. One of my gf's has 5 Le Pliage bags!! I got it for work, but I've been using it on the weekends too. Isn't the gold zipper pull so nice? I love it, and I know you'll love your bag too!

  2. Congrats to Sophia ;)

    I love the look of the Longchamnps bag!!! :) I think you'll definitely appreciate how classy and long lasting this bag will be!!!

  3. Great choice! I love the bag. The bluish hue just POPS! I absolutely adore the color. Def more chic than Juicy :p The name says it all, right? :D

    I love the smokey brown look :) So pretty! It goes really well w/your skin tone :D

  4. Congrats to the winner! I always wanted a Longchamp bag. :)

  5. yayy congrats to sophia! i'm so glad you got the longchamp!! teeheeheee and navy is such a classic color! GOOD CHOICE (no bias here :p)

  6. Congrats to Sophia!love your NOTD!

  7. hi dear, thanks for visiting my blog. yea you should give cleaning oil a try, when it touches water it emulsifies and it doesn't feel greasy on the face at all! and I think it's a milder way of removing makeup cuz there's minimal pulling and tugging.
    you have a lovely blog :) i'm going to follow you!

  8. love the bag! it's very cute :) i like your makeup too. those ardell lashes look so natural on you!

    i haven't forgotten about the blog award you nominated me for btw! i just haven't had the chance to catch up on blogger yet. thanks again dear! xx

  9. Yaaay thank you again, and can't wait! I'll let you know how the pigments turn out. Do you use them yourself?

  10. Congrats to the winner~
    Your eye look is really really pretty~ and ahhhhhh you used the C-1 palette? LUCKY DUCKY~ hehehe I have been trying to get my hands on that palette for the longest time! and it looks soo pretty too. I will just have to be patient and wait til i go back to taiwan and pick it up. :P
    Care to do a detailed eye-look tutorial on this? Thankies~

  11. i like the longchamps one too! for the longest time i always saw girls using those type of bags and i never knew what brand it was :P pretty eye makeup :)

  12. Hi! I´m new on Blogger and just discovered your blog! :D So pretty and funny written!
    Oh, I like Longchamp bags too :3

  13. Hey girl! I like the new banner - it makes me feel like eating oranges hahaha...

    Oh! And how crazy is that - we both shopped at almost the exact same places!!! AND YES, let me know how the palette works for you too, it is so pretty I am almost afraid to open it and start digging in hehehe


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