Haul part 3: Sephora, L'oreal warehouse sale =)

Hey everyone! So I've been doing some intense retail therapy lately and this is the last part of my haul. Hope you guys will enjoy and a the reviews will slowly appear as the summer approches :) I didn't expect to go to the L'Oreal warehouse sale because I didn't had the coupon to get in but my bf's mom was so sweet she gave me hers. ^_^ I brought my best girlfriend there and geez there were a lot of people! I was suprised because I expected to see a mess with boxes and boxes of product but it wasn't the case. They sold Maybelline stuff, Garnier, Biotherm, Lancome, Khiels and many more things that I don't remember. Everything was so cheap! :D
I got a few lip liner and lipgloss from Maybelline, a e/s duo from L'Oreal, a few bronzing gel/cream (3$ each.. it's a steal!), a lip treatment from Biotherm, a blush + oscillation mascara base + cheeks brush from lancome.
Here's the swatch of Lancome's blush subtil in Botanical glow. It's a nice sheer peachy shade ^_^ It gives you a nice healthy glow and since I have naturally flushed cheeks, it's just enough to enhance them :)

I went again to Sephora for their 15% off lool!! Can't get enough of it =P
This time I bought a Harajuku case there to store & organize my makeup (I'll do a post soon of how I organize my makeup if you guys are interested.. Let me know!), O.P.I Modern flower nail polish kit & Tokidoki inferno bronzer in Royal pride (light/medium). I love ittt! :) Oh and I also got Bobbi Brown's natural finish long lasting foundation SPF 15 in cool beige (3.25) at Murale. I finally discovered that I am not warm toned but cool toned! Omg!! I was so convinced that I had warm undertones but the SA proved me wrong! I love this founation, it really matches perfectly my skintone AND it's a sheer coverage but it still evens out my skin and the redness around my nose. :) A review coming soon! :D

I guess that's it and I think I have everything that I need for summer and autumn XD
No more makeup purchase for a while!

OH! AND I received the sunshine award from Thao! Thanks sweetie!! ^_^
1. Post the logo on your Blog

2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!

3. Link the bloggers and let them know!!
I know I've given this award already to some of the bloggers so I'll nominate new people this time :) So here it goes!

-Angela from Hi Blueberry
-Rene from Serenene
-Kelly from Popcorn3148
-Audrey from Drey Jewelry
-Mikki from Mikkiaragon
-Phoebe from Powderpuffgirl
-Katie from KatieNgo
-Shellsea from Hell Notes for Beauty
-Jenni & Ying from Beauty By two


  1. Wiiii ^^! OMG you´re so sweeeeet! Thanks a lot! xoxoxoxo! This is so exciting for me!!!!:D
    I´ll post the logo tomorrow, cuz I have to study full for 3 exams for tomorrow.

    Take care and thank you soooo much!



  2. Love TOki Doki, the bronzer and highlighter are amazing!


    xox Laura Beth

  3. Love your haul! :) That blush is majorly gorgeous!!!

    Also, let us know how that Tokidoki bronzer looks on - it looks so pretty in the pan!!!

  4. ohh thank you very much for the award<3 so nice of you :)
    ohh did you buy toki doki at sephora? is it a new brand? i didn't know it before ^^

  5. alala nan mais pourquoi je parle en anglais xD, ça devient automatique sur blogspot lol^^

  6. hey there~
    Thank you sooo much for giving me an award!
    I got some things from sephora too. chuckles.... :) hahaha OHHHh the tokidoki bronzer looks prettty


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