[CLOSED] Mini-Contest: Longchamp Le Pliage bag or Juicy Couture?

Dear Beauty bloggers,

I need your help! I'm trying to figure out which handbag to buy : Longchamps Le Pliage or Juicy Couture? One of my friend told my not to buy Longchamps because everyone has one.. But still >.<" One is more "mature-classy" and the other one is more "princess-I-am-a-rich-bitch" LOL. My Guess bag is too big for shopping and going out in the summer, don't get me wrong, I still love it!

Tell me why I should choose one over the other, try to convince me! =P Everyone who comments below with their arguments are eligible for the contest BUT there's one rule:
  • You must be a follower.
Simple right? LOL 1 entry per person. Like the title says, it's a mini-contest. It starts now and ends tomorrow morning at 10am central time. The prize? 2 mini MAC pigments in Rushmetal & Museum bronze and a mini MAC glitter in reflects gold ++ some other goodies ;) Open to all! It's international!

Good luck everyone and CONVINCE ME!!!
I will post the winner tomorrow night. I will be using random.org to select the winner OR pick the most convincing comment. It's going to depend on how many entries I'll get.

*Note: I am NOT sponsored by this company. Thank You.The products are BRAND NEW.
The mini-contest is now closed. Thank you all ladies!! <33 =)


  1. Hi Mokaa ! It really depends on the purpose, because they're 2 VERY dif bags.

    Since I own the LePliage ~ I will try to convince you on this one. Yes, many people own it~ BUT it is VERY lightweight. I walk 1 mile to work, so I need something light on my shoulders. Also, for the price ($150), you won't feel bad for buying it. I personally like gold hardware, so I bought the black with gold zipper and brown leather tab. It's chic, fits A LOT, and you can personalize it by hanging a deco on it. I am the ONYL one in San Francisco with a sweet deco charm on mine, I'm pretty sure of it!

    Haha I originally wrote an answer describing both brands, but then I saw your contest so I changed my answer to convince you :) I don't have any MAC pigments but I've been dying to try one!

    Regardless if I win, I hope you'll choose the Longchamp!

    p.s. if you're a Kate Moss fan like me, that's another reason to buy Longchamp! And it's from Paris ~ much more chic than Juicy ^_~

  2. Hello :)

    I don't own a Longchamps bag but I do have a Juicy bag. It was $100+ when I bought it and their bags are quite heavy. I'm not really liking their new styles and I hardly ever use my bag. Juicy doesn't seem as "chic" to me anymore simply because I'm not a big fan of bling or flashy things :p A Longchamps bag would be best!

  3. you seem like a juicy girl...however if you like to dress bright and accessorize then a longchamp would be ok. since they are not so out there and more "mature looking.

    I would vote juicy.

  4. I think long champ screams classiness, whereas Juicy is just... trashy (IMO). But then I am pretty biased since I have a long champ :p Also LC is so durable! It's waterproof too and can handle a lot of weight. Seriously, I abuse the poor thing so much and yet at the end of the day it still looks as if I just bought it! (I don't recommend getting it in Ontario though because it's marked up... if you know someone travelling to the UK get them to get it for you at duty free!)

  5. Longchamps is the SMART choice while Juicy Couture is the INDULGENT choice. It depends on how much money you're planning to spend and what style Juicy bag you're interested in!

    As much as I love JUICY princess cutesy style, I guess my view of their bags (at least the Terry-cloth line) has been somewhat tarnished by all the 12 year old Spoiled-as-heck girls at the mall sporting them. If you are going for the leather style, these are actually more durable, more versatile, and waaay more sophisticated but they def. run over $200 for the leather style.

    I say overall go for the Longchamps and you will NOT regret it!!! :D

  6. I say Longchamp! I don't have one but I think they look nice and durable and "mature classy" : ) I was totally fawing over Juicy for the longest time, but when I finally bought myself a bag, the more I looked at it / touched it / tested it out on my arm... the more I realized that it looks/feels kinda tacky! :/

  7. How old are you? If you are a teen, Juicy is usually the one. But since most teens are spotted with their Juicy, carrying a longchamp will make you stand out. That's one reason.
    Two, I think if you get a Juicy, you might like it now but after a while I am sure you will not like it as much and regret buying it! Hahaha. Longchamp however is a classic. It will last you forever.
    Third, Longchamp is so light! It will be perfect for trips too.

    aaahhh... I want a Longchamp too. =)


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