Tadam! I'm back... with a mega haul. Sephora 5 in 1 color play, Clinique's City block SPF 25, pore minimizer instant perfector, Korres Love your lips, Shiseido's The Skincare 3 step kit*PIC HEAVY*

Hi girlies~! (& boys =P) YESSS! I'M STILL ALIVE!! LOLL! I know, I know, it's been more than 2 weeks that I haven't updated my blog, sorry people! School finishes in 2 weeks so you know.. I have been not just a little bit busy here but VERY busy. Now most of the work is done so I can post things up again :D Woohoo! Now, for those of you who read my blog for a while, maybe you came across "the 10 pan project" that I started err.. Exactly a month ago! Whoa! And ehm.. I cheated. *blush* I finished 4 products on 10 and couldn't resist buying some things here and there for the last two weeks. Grrr. You know summer is coming and you have to restock all your things for summer.. Especially with Sephora's 15% coupon.. I mean... I HAD TOO! hahaha =P But since I cheated, I'll start a new project soon. :) Okay enough with the blablas. Let me show you what I've got! =D

From Sephora with the 15% coupon.. Yeepeee! :D + 2 Clinique samples
My non-Sephora stuff. I got my first Lush product!! Angel on bare skin (called "Peau neuve" in french ahha) A matte polish from Trade Secret, Dr. Brandt's Pore no more vacuum cleaner, YSL's rouge volupte in #1 nude beige ;D & some MAC lippies & cremesheen :)
Now let's take a look closer, shall we? =P
Sephora's 5 in 1 new palette! I've tested out the colors in store and I was really surprised by the pigmentation. The previous palette that I tried weren't as convincing but this one I had to have it! :) Like Irene, I can't seem to dig my brush in it. It's so pretty! LOL . 
As you can see, it has a removable box to put the palette of your choice in it if you're on the go or for traveling. Super idea Sephora! ;)
Shiseido's The Skincare 3 step kit & Clinique's City block SPF 25 & Pore minimizer instant perfector. Both Clinique product are tinted but it becomes transparent on your skin. 
& last but not least, Skyn iceland's Icelandic relief eye cream with biospheric complex. I remembered that Pinky told me that it was important to put on eye cream and since it was right beside me while I was waiting to pay, well I just grabbed it and end up in love with it. I'll post a review soon. :)

I'll continue the rest of the hauling on another post because this one it's starting to be too long and I don't  really like having long long long posts! :) But I'll let you guys digest a little bit and continue later :)

*eeeh. note that I didn't bought all these together. LOL.


  1. wow great haul! you got lots of goodies to play with! the sephora 5 in 1 palette looks really nice and travel friendly!

  2. Aaaah Love your haul hehe...I really am excited about using the Sephora palette but I don't know where to start lol, so many choices!!!

    OooOoOh I really LOVE Shiseido ~ The Skincare line is the perfect line for me too, I hope all the products work out for you! (and please do share!)

    I've been looking for a good eyecream for awhile now, the one you chose looks so chic!

  3. Fab haul! (You should tell me your real name so I don't have to call you LittoMokaa all the time, hahaha)

    Eye cream, yesh yesh. I kind of ran out and I guess I have to find a better alternative or something. My mom swears by eye cream though since she has this problem with eye bags. Luckily, didn't inherit that. x)

    So much items! I'm sure a massive swatch post is coming soon. ^___^

    I received two packages in the mail today too, happy that I have things to blog about, not happy about spending 2 hours on writing up a post. xD

  4. NICE! :p You REALLY cheated on your project =P haha It's okay. It's rare that Sephora ever has a 15% off coupon! :p I have the Clinique pore minimizer as well! I love it :D I use it as a primer most of the time but it does magic :) I really love that product :D I'm really liking the YSL lipstick in nude. If it weren't so expensive, I'd buy the entire collection! :p It's made with such great quality and I love packaging as well :)

  5. Nice haul! I got a few things also, will do a update soon! Don't forget to check it out. BYW, I totally understand your situation, because I am jam packed with school work also! Hope summer can come sooner, haha!^0^

  6. That 15% coupon was waaaay tempting!! I stopped by and picked up some stuff I absolutely did not need at all haha. Nice hauls :]

  7. @Lulu: Yes! a lot of things to play with =D but too busy for now T_T

    @Irene: I totally understand your situation for the Sephora palette. I'm still wondering what look should I create? xD & I've tried Shiseido's the skincare gentle cleanser before and I loved it! I was curious about the moisturizer & the essence so I bought the kit :P

    @Pinky: Hahaha my real name always makes me laugh but yeah it's Saline :) & thanks for recommending me to use eyecream! ;D & yess a massive swatch is coming up but not for a while haha!

    @Rainy: Yes I REALLY cheated hahaha! The temptation was irresistable XD I mean the last time Sephora had 15% off was last november! LOLL! It's a decent excuse isn't it? ;D & I agree with you, Clinique's pore minimizer is amazing! =D Haven't used it as a primer yet, I'll try it! :D

    @Crystal: I like your expression "jam packed with school" haha exactly the terms that fits our situation xD and yes I'll def. check out your next post! :D

    @Liang: Totally agree! My first intention was to get Shiseido's the skincare cleanser & clinique's sun protection & pore minimizer but I ended up grabbing too much random stuff here T_T but it's ok because I'm set for the summer now =D

  8. Oooh can you do swatches of the Sephora 5-in-1 palette to show the pigmentation? I've been eyeing it for a while but don't know if i should get it?

  9. Whoa nice haul!

    Oooh! Now I'm totally curious about that Sephora palette as I saw it on a couple other blogs! I love Shiseido products too :)

    I'm just about to put up a post with the MAC bronze pigment you gave me ^_^ I dabbed a teeeeny tiny bit on a flully brush and just swept on to my lids. Love it! I went to the MAC store and she said I can do that way, or use a small flat brush to pack on color, but I'm like you and I think it's TOO much makeup that way >.< I'm not a heavy makeup person at all.

  10. Wow, that is one awesome haul! The Sephora palette looks really great :)

  11. @Pretty pouts: Yes sure! I'll try to make a swatch of the Sephora palette as soon as I'll have time! :)

    @Sophia: Yes I just saw your post! Your look was amazinng! Glad to know you liked it ^_^

    @Dina: Thank you :D

  12. I definitely want a review on the Skyn product!! So many goodies :) 


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