Sephora Collection Color play 5 in 1 review + swatches

Hello beauties! Today I'm going to review the infamous Sephora's 5 in 1 palette. It came out not so long ago and I know that a few beauty blogger bought it and they were pretty satisfied with it. I was surprised by the good pigmentation & I really like the fact that it has a portable compact. Each palette has a name and a color array and it contains 10 e/s, 2 gloss & a blush. There's a mix of matte, frost & shimmery finish.

1. Dinner in Paris: a mix of black & grey colors, perfect for smokey eyes :)
2. Coffee in New York: brown & beiges
3. Shopping in Milan: Consists of purple, pink and a green color
4. Tango in Buenos Aires: Blue & green shades
5. Clubbing in Tokyo: Pastel color! :D

Here's some swatches by palette. Note that I used UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) so I could capture the colors since I have a very sucky camera lol.
1. Dinner in Paris

2. Coffee in New York

3. Shopping in Milan

4. Tango in Buenos Aires

5. Clubbing in tokyo

See how the color are pigmented? =D I'm very happy with this purchase and the quality of the product. I didn't try out the blushes and lipgloss yet. I know that some people had difficulties opening the palette or taking them out but I didn't have any problems with it. It retails for 38,50CAN (29,50USD) @ Sephora and it's limited edition (but you know it will stay on the shelf for a while! =P) The shadows didn't creased on me and some colors were more long lasting than others. As you can see on the swatches, I had a little bit more difficulties with the matte shades (in the Dinner in Paris palette, the matte white & beige color doesn't really show). Overall, it's a good purchase if you want to experiment with eyeshadow and own a big variety of e/s colors. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed!


  1. Nice! do you own the Coastal Scents palette? If you do, which one do you think is a better buy? I don't own any large palettes with a ton of color, but I think it'd be good to have. I like the Clubbing in Tokyo one! Super fun colors :)

  2. Hi Sophia! I don't own a Coastal Scent palette but the 88 color palette looks nice. The palettes are very affordable but I heard that sometimes it comes out chalky. Plus, 88 colors is way too much for me! LOL

  3. Glad you love it too! I really love mine and I'm happy with how the colors deliver :D

  4. The colors are so pretty! It's such a great palette :)

  5. OMg this palette is amazing! I have it too. The pigment is insane, I'm addicted to using it! Dior actually manufactures the eyeshadows that's why it's so good this time around. :)


    xox Laura Beth

  6. @Rainy: I've seen the looks you were able to create with it and it looked fantastic! :D

    @Dina: They are! That's why I can't decide which one to start with XD

    @Laura: That's a interesting fact to know that Dior actually manufactures it! :D Do you think you can make some eotd with the palette? :D

  7. OoOo I was wondering how this is!! Now after seeing your swatches and hearing how it is, I wanna get it :D

    Thanks for following :)

  8. those shadows look beautiful. i love the pigmentations and the colour selections. Do you own the coastal scent palette? how do these two compare?

  9. oops. should've looked back more. i just commented asking you how is the sephora palette.

    thanks for this post! this is def. going on my list :D

    - Janel [my blog]


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