Apple vinegar mask :O

Hi everyone!

Today I have no class and I'm currently eating my breakfast while writing. Bad habit. So yesterday I was supposed to have my aerobic dance class but I kind of lost my gym clothes. Dang :(! My joggings were new and I just couldn't remember where I've lost them! I'm not the type of person to loose things so I was pretty disappointed. Luckily, those gym clothes didn't cost me a lot xD.

Anyways, I went over to the bf's and we made him the apple vinegar mask (you can click) that we saw on youtube. Bubzbeauty claims that it's a acne/scar reducing mask and that we're supposed to see results within 2 weeks, using the mask & toner 1-2x per week. So we are going to see if it really works :D It was funny to see my boyfriend rub some honey mixed with sugar, green tea & apple cider vinegar all mixed together on his face. You can imagine that it was pretty sticky and the smell of it wasn't attractive at all. no no no. I finally found the apple vinegar at Adonis while searching for a random drink. loool!

Got to go now!


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