The Body Shop White Musk Breeze Review

My first Body Shop review! Whooo! I've been leaving near this shop forever and it's the first time that I'd purchased something from this shop. Srsly, what was I thinking? They have such a nice range of product and their product quality are waaaaay better than the place where I work (which is Fruits&Passion). Plus, the prices are rather affordable compared to my work.

Okay whatever back to our subject. :)
So today I'll be reviewing two new products from The Body Shop : White Musk Breeze smooth satin body puree & the cooling chiffon body mist. First of all, I'm a total sucker for package. Like if I see some product
in a nice bottle, I will be automatically drifted to them. LOL. What attracted me to these ones are the simple, yet beautiful design on it. No, maybe not the design but more the colors.. Yes! The color! Haha. Plus, it was in the 25% off section.. so yeah.. :D

I'm the kind of girl who doesn't like over-scented things. When the smell is too strong, like perfums, it makes my nose itch and then I sneeze like a mad chick. I hate it when I walk across a person and she/he smells very strong (like wearing too much perfum here?). I mean, a spray of it to have this light/subtle scent is pleasant but when you're putting half of the bottle each time.. there's some issues. Maybe you loveee this perfum but maybe the guy/girl sitting next to you in the bus will be suffocating you know? That's why I don't wear perfum, I'm too afraid to put too much of it haha.

Now, the scent of the new white musk breeze is rather.. complex. I fell in love with it. I've always wanted something to smell fresh. Like a mix of citrus (I love lime/lemon scent & peppermint).But, I also like fruity scent! (Especially, peach watermelon and grapefuit) Until, now is was so hard to find something that I actually really like but thank god I found these products! At first, it smells very fresh, a mix of citrus. Then, it finishes off with some sweet light notes but still remains fresh scented. I was curious to know exactly what was it so I checked on their website. "Top notes: lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, plum, peach, leafy green, elemi Middle notes: rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, aquatic notes, ylang ylang, tagette, carnation Base notes: rich white musk, cedar wood, patchouli, touch of vanilla" -The Body Shop.
Whoaaa! What a mixture! I was really surprised by the amount of scent that was in there. Hahaha.

I bought the body puree (sounds like baby food) and the mist. I opted for the mist because it's lighter and more subtle than a perfume. But know I'm considering the perfume since I like the scent so much LOL! I spray it in the air, on top of my head every morning before going to school :).

The lotion isn't really a lotion. I'd say it's more like a transparent gel type. It's very very lightweight, isn't sticky at all and feels like water on your skin. It absorbs pretty fast and it leaves a nice subtle scent. It claims to be hydrating but I from my experience, it's not hydrating enough for winter but it would be perfect for summer. My mom told me that it leaved  a cooling sensation. I was like whaaat? I didn't feel it! So maybe for some of you out there will feel it or not. Maybe my mom is just over-sensitive to air or something hahah.

Overall, I would recommend this line to all of you who likes fresh scented fragrance with a touch of flowers & fruits. I would leave the body puree for summer time but I would repurchase the other products for sureee! They even have the shower gel but I restrained myself because my mom brought back like 6 liters of shower gel from Toronto. (I know.. what the heck..)

Hope you liked the post!


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