Randomness & Dior haul

Last post : Feb.5th 2010.
Today : Feb.9 2010.

Yaaay! I didn't wait 92347 years before adding a new post. A miracle? Naaah. I'm just kind of bored right now and I felt like blogging. I have 3 followers now yeepie! :) It makes me happy. Hehe.
So today I didn't had class because the training courses at the hospital (called "stage" in french) had already begun and it turns out that my turn will be in march. It leaves me a full month of having tuesday & wednesday off. So far, I'm spending those free days with the boyfriend instead of studying.. Bad.. Since i'm doing nearly nothing it leaves me no excuse to not update my blog a little bit.

Today I went to bf's place to play The sims 3. God damn this game is so addicting! The game is actually mine, I couldn't play it on my sucky computer so I had no choice that install it on bf's computer (he has this super-performant-for-gamers computer with breath taking graphics. WHOA!) I spent 3 hours on the game and didn't even realize it when the bf's got so quiet.. He felt asleep.. LOL!!

Diner time was here so I had to get back home and on the way, I got into Pharmaprix (Shopper Drug Mart for non-qc resident). I got tempted by Fuzkittie to buy Christian Dior's 5 colour eyeshadow palette Spring 2010 Limited edition in petal glow, so I decided to check if they had it since Sephora didn't (what a miracle). And OMG!! They had it! But there was also another one, "coquette". Both was from the same lacy collection, LE, so I had to make a choice. Arghh. The SA/MUA was very helpful and she conviced me to buy the "Coquette" one. I also bought Dior's addict high shine lipstick in 352. It's a nice baby pink with golden tones. I was looking for a baby pink and opted for #174 but it was out of stock.. =_=' But anyways. There was also a promotion going on, if you buy 2 Dior product you get a gift with it! Woohoo :D It's a small sample of Miss Cherie Dior perfum + Dior iconic mascara or Diorshow mascara. I chose Diorshow since I wanted to test it out for soooo long. (Plus I got 20x my optimum points. HAHA)

Picture timeee!
I looveee the lipstick packaging! So cute :)
I'll be posting up swatches soon.
Stay tuned!


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