Finally friday!

But I wish it was wednesday. At least you know that monday is still far away. XD Back to work tomorrow, my co-worker is going back to France so now I'll have to work all the weekends. I don't really mind since it's been 2 weeks I haven't worked and I only got paid 39$ on last paycheck.. LOL. I have to admit that is pretty dead on weekends at the store, especially sunday. GAWD. But like there's no one, I can catch up on my studies and blog from time to time :D

This week was pretty hectic. Studies studies and more studies.. I had my biology exam today and I was pretty impressed by myself 8-D Hahaha we'll see we'll see.. I was so happy because my philosophy class was cancel! Yay! I hate that class omg. It's boring but boringg! ugh. =_=' I went to babe's to surprise him and made him try the beauty diary yogurt mask. HAHA! Looked so funny xD Btw, he told me something really weird and funny. My bf works in a senior residence as a waiter. He's the youngest of all the waiters over there and the rest are adults or even seniors. So he came up and said that that there was this co-worker who is about 50yrs old called him randomly a morning this week and was saying how bad his daughter's acne was and the number of dermatologist they've consulted, but nothing to do. Since my bf itself has acne, his co-worker said that he found something that can treat the acne and it worked for his daughter! Guess what he told my bf? To go on youtube and search for bubzbeauty! LOL!! I was like whaaat?! It was really funny because bubzbeauty, as I know, makes makeup tutorial as I never really watches her home made masks. I was curious and went to view the video hahaa. Boyfriend said he wanted to try it so now I'm trying to find out where to buy apple cider vinegar o_O

I had aerobic dance class today and it's a new group. There were some random guys that was dressed into that "cliché" aerobic dance suit hahaha. You know.. with the tight suit and all that stuff. Maybe they thought it was funny but once the class started they just weren't able to keep up.. loool. Anyways it was just very funny.

 So here's a Koodo super popular advertising. The typical aerobic dancer. Next time, come with leggings guys! ahahaha. (It's a random Koodo picture took on google)

That's it for today!


  1. Aw your BF is a good sport.
    My BF would never let me put strawberry masks on him!

    haha! I guess you know you have made it, when senior homes are recommending & talking about your youtube videos LOL.
    Bubz is amazing though.

    & I love Koodo commercials and ads. They are so tacky and eyecatching..PERFECTION!

    Jess Mai

  2. BTW,

    Im always happy to find another Canadian blogger! Im adding you to my blog roll :)

  3. Hi Jessica! I'm glad to know I have some readers! It always encourages us to post more things ;) Me too I'm glad to find another canadian blogger! YAY! :D I'll follow your blog because I have no idea what a blog roll is x_x (noobie here *points at me*) Plus, I love to read comments from other people so don't be shy to read my futur entries and comment! :)


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