Neutrogena's nourishing cream cleanser review

A month earlier, I was complaining about dry patches on my face and was searching for a cleanser that would get rid of make-up, impurities & hydrates as well. I went for Neutrogena's nourishing cream cleanser because of it's *cream* texture, claims to be night calming and it's all-in-one. Whooou! Perfect, I thought.

This product claims to have a "unique calming fragrance [that will] help you unwind and prepare for a good night sleep." It is oil-free, non-comedogenic and is dermatalogist tested. Ha. The first impression I had when I first used this product was that I really liked the texture. It was really creamy that would become a nice gentle lather but the scent.. Oh the scent.. Was... Weird. It had a lavender tone but not the soft lavender-calming tone. It was a aggressive, too concentrate and plastic-y scent. But oh well, I got used to it. This was working well until I had a reaction to it. It would clean my face throughly & leaving my skin supple and smooth afterward. However, the try patch I had on my cheek became itchy and red. Darn it. I guess it's the fragrance it was in it that made my skin react this way. I stopped using it and it went away. Final point is, I won't recommend it to people who has sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin but there's product with fragrance that I can tolerate but this one is a no-no. On the opposite, I don't know if it's psychological but the night calming effect did work on me.

This product is sold in any department/drugstore. I got it at 9,99$CAD @Zellers
Have you ever tried this before? Tell me your experiences!


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