Montreal en lumiere!

Hi everyone!
School again tomorrow! The weekend went by so fast! I must finish my homeworks tonight but before I start, I just wanted to share with you guys my weekend. So last night I went to the old port of montreal to assist at the event "montreal en lumiere". Well in fact. it's more "nuit blanche a Montreal" which means thatthe buses & subways are running all night long and there's plenty of activity (like visiting museums..) until the next morning. We didn't bothered to take the free buses to get to the museum because it was packed with people and it was sooooo crowded! It was pretty fun, there were free games, free rides and we could even roast our hot dogs & marshmallows! Yaay! It was pretty funny though. We stayed a little bit and just went home. It was too cold ><"
  Oh noez! My friend's marshmallow went on fire! LOL! Guess who's triple marshmallow stick belongs too? =P
& My bf & I. Hahaha. 

I'll probably come back tonight to post up reviews if I'm able to finish my work. Or else, it will go to tuesday. Thanks for understanding! :)


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