My beauty diary mask haul!

Hi2u mi friend! :)
Tonight I will be showing you guys my beauty diary masks all in one package limited edition that I ordered a few weeks ago on ebay (AlphaBeautyUK). It's a box of 15 various masks that you can choose from, all different from one another. I wanted to get those masks for so long but I couldn't decide which kind to choose from. They have so many kinds! Until I found out about this all in one package! Yaaay! Since I knew my mom would loveee facial masks too I decided to get this set so my mom and I can pick our favorite and buy those full box :D Here's the long waited pictures :
The yogurt one is missing because I tried it on my bf haha :)

What's inside the treasure chest?

All masks are good for all skin types except the sake yeast one & they're all moisturizing.  (Espc = especially)

-Yogurt Mask: espc. for oily skin. Clarifying, moisturizing, soothing & oil control effects

-Aloe mask: good for dry and damaged skin. Moisturizing + regenerating effects.

-Apple mask: espc. for skin with enlarged pores. Moisturizing, Clarifying, firming & pores tightening effects

-Black pearl mask: espc. for dull looking skin. Brightening, firming, regenerating & whitening effects

-Cooling mask: espc. for skin that is overly exposed to the sun. Cooling, moisturizing, softening & soothing effects.

-Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask: espc. for dull & tired skin. Brightening, regenerating & soothing effects.

-Lavender Mask: espc. for sensitive skin. Calming, clarifying & soothing effects.

-Mixed Berry Mask: espc. for rough and uneven skin. Brightening & firming effects.

-Natto Mask: espc. for dry skin. Anti-aging & firming effects.

-Pearl Powder Mask: espc. dull & damaged skin. Whitening

-Q10 Mask: espc. mature skin. Anti-aging, anti-oxidant, firming, regenerating, softening effects

-Red Wine Mask: espc. for dull & unfirm skin. Anti-oxidant, brightening & firming effects.

-Bulgarian Rose Mask: espc. for dull skin. Brightening, soothing, whitening effects.

-Sake Mask: sensitive skin should avoid this one. Anti-aging, clarifying, regenerating, softening, whitening effects.

-Strawberry Yogurt Mask: espc. for combination skin. Brightening, regenerating & soothing effects.

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Hope this post was useful and I'll come back to review each of them. However I won't be able to review ALL of the masks because I gave a few to my mommy so I wouldn't be able to test them by myself.

Good night world. 


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