Neutrogena's fresh foaming cleanser

In search of a cleanser part 3? :)

This time the lucky product is.... *drumroll* Neutrogena's fresh foaming cleaser. YAAAY *Applause* Fresh foaming cleanser is one of Neutrogena's best cleanser. I've read so much good reviews on this that I decided to buy it. It comes out as a silky cream but works up into lather. It's fragrance free and it's very gentle on the skin. It removes all the impurities without stripping off the skin's natural moisture barrier. It leaves my skin smooth and supple. It doesn't dry out my dry skin areas and takes good care of my oily areas. However (damn, I think I've been writing this word a thousand time with "but" in my reviews), it aggravates and dries my itchy red patch on my right cheek! It won't go away!! So I'm putting this away for summer or spring, when my skin will stop being a bitch. erh. I really like this cleanser because it's suitable for all skin types and it's gentle enough for sensitive skin. *High 5* One of my favorite! :)

It can be found anywhere and I bought it at around 10$CAN.
What's in your mind? Can somebody tell me how to get rid of this annoying patch on my cheek? Arrgh.


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