The Body Shop Aloe Vera day & night cream & Vitamine E cream cleanser review

Hi everyone! I'm currently blogging from work right now lol. I typed my review last night but I couldn't publish it for x reasons & lost all what I've wrote. :( So yeah I bought the Aloe vera starter kit for sensitive skin about a month ago because I wanted to try their cream. My previous moisturizer wasn't moisturizing enough for the rough winter that we had. It also came with a cleanser & toner but I didn't used them because I want to keep them for travel. :)

Starting with the day cream! The one in the starter kit comes in a pot of 15ml. I also bought the one with spf 15 in a 50ml tube, since I wanted something with spf. Both texture are very similar but I think that the one without spf is a little bit lighter. Both day creams are lighter than the night cream. A little bit goes a long way and I must admit that it leaved a little bit of an oily film on my face. What I do is that after I cleaned my face, I put right away the moisturizer, let it sink & sit for a while, do my things, come back & blot my t-zone and where it's oily. Since my cheeks are very dry it doesn't appear oily in this zone. I wouldn't recommend this to oily skin types. It didn't clogged my pores & I can feel that my cheeks are mosturised. It's been a month now that I'm using the 15ml pot and I still have enough product left for at lest 2 weeks and a half. The only thing that I don't like about it is that it doesn't sink it completely in my skin. overall : 3/5

Like I said, the night cream is very rich. It comes in the same format as the day cream & a little goes a long way too. The way is use it is that I only apply it on my dry areas. The rest, I use my Clinique moisture surge . Honestly, I think that the night cream works better. Maybe it's because it's heavier, or maybe it's because it has the whole night to sink it. It leaves my skin smooth and well moisturized but there's a little something missing. overall 3.7/5

When I am interested by a certain product, I always like to buy the smallest size available so I can try & see if I really like it. I'm a really picky person so it helps me save a little bit of money & not wasting. =P

As for the Vitamine E cream cleanser, I had no choice to get the full size since the starter kit was out of stock. It claims to be for all skin types. However, I personnally think it is not suitable for oily-combo skin because it leaves a film of oil. I don't feel that my skin is really clean after using it but it does moisturise. Vitamine E is supposed to help healing scars and this product did helped a little bit clearing out my acne scars but I think that's it. It's good for the roughest winters but only that time of the year lol. Since the weather is getting warmer, I'll stick to my other cleanser. Overall: 3.4/5

Have you ever used these products?
Tell me what you think! :)


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