Sasa haul & update for Laneige Sleeping pack

Holaaa! I've been pretty busy this week so I haven't been able to post things up, but here I am! :D Yesterday, I received the items that I ordered from Sasa about 2 weeks ago. I was super surprised because they said it would take about 14 to 21 business day after being dispatched to arrive to its destination. Mine came in less than a week! Wow :D Pretty impressed! So here's what I got...

Laneige's pore trouble skin refiner, hydra solution essence, white plus renew night cream & some false lashes because I needed 0,50$ more to get free shipping LOL! I'm very excited to try these product out but I'll wait until I finish my other products before opening new ones or else I'll never finish.

Remember I made a review on Laneige's water sleeping pack last week? Well I'm going to tell you the verdict today! I've been testing this product 4 nights now and I must admit that it is really amazing! It leaves my skin supple and smooth like a baby skin the next morning! My skin really likes it and it's drinking the product up! I have no doubts now and I'll keep using it :D overall 5/5 <3

Now back to work! So many mid-term papers to write ><"


  1. Good luck with those term papers! I really dislike buying a bunch of things just to get shipping, honestly! xD Actually, I think Sasa just upped their free shipping to $ evil. But I love the packaging of the Laneige's pore trouble skin refiner and just all those awesome plastic see through things! Hahaha~

  2. @Sunniipinky : Hahaha! I think laneige attracts their customers by the packaging XD and sasa free shipping is upped to 100$. T_T'''

  3. I have been dying to try out the Laniege Sleeping pack - my dry skin neeeeds it - all sold out on ;_; My usual hauls are crazy expensive...trying to reel it back lol. All of your stuff looks so nice!

    Good luck with school!

  4. i've been dying to try out Laneige products. i keep reading good reviews on their stuff everywhere :D

    nice haul girl! xx

  5. oh i wanted to try Laneige!^^
    thank you so much for this helpful review<3
    have a great day :)
    drey jewelry.


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