Maybelline Expert Wear eyeshadow quad in 02 Natural Smokes review & swatch + blog award

Today I woke up to a cloudy sky. The sun wasn't around for long. So I told myself that it was normal, maybe we would have some rain a little bit in the afternoon. When I got off from work and come out of the mall, I had a great surprise. SNOW!! Aww :( Luckily there wasn't much & it melts when it reaches the ground. Phew* =)

Let's move on to today's review!
I've heard ravings about the new quads of Maybelline so I decided to try them out =) I needed a smokey eyes palette anyways. I tried some shadows of this brand before (playing is my cousin's makeup LOL) and I wasn't really impressed. The pigmentation was really poor and it was chalky. My mind started to change a bit after trying their Eyestudio line. It was one of my first reviews that I made when I started this blog hihi. Soooo I admit it! I likee this quad! =D The pigmentation is nice, you have a duo of mat finish & a duo of satin/shimmery finish. It blends beautifully and there's no fallout! ;D The final look of it is soft, but can always be dramatic with a little bit more layers. I bought for 9.99$CAD & it's available in every drugstores. ;)

&& I've been tagged by the lovely Yumiko to reveal one interesting fact about me.
Well... I love all peppermint related stuff. LOL ;D Candy, chocolate, tea, shampoo and etc etc etc...

Now I have to tag 15 other people!
  1. Edna
  2. Pinky
  3. Jess
  4. Lisa
  5. Amy Naree
  6. Jessica Mai
  7. Phoebe
  8. Fresh.elle
  9. Stacie
  10. Bihada Diaries
  11. Sparkle Midori
  12. Anita
  13. BlingBlingKitty
  14. Crystal 
  15. Mel
I've also received an blog award a few days ago from two beautiful ladies Ai &Mei ^_^
I would like to pass on the love & nominate :
Sunnii Pinky
& Crystal


Have a nice evening ladies!
-S <3


  1. that's a very pretty color for everyday wear wear and night outs.. wish its now available here.

  2. thanks hun! yeah i have maybelline eye shadows. i think i have the same exact compact! i like the highlight and the lid. i use it often for my daily look for school when i'm very lazy.

    peppermint lip gloss from bath and both works is very nice. "mentha lip shine" with peppermint oil. you should definitely try or maybe have some already

  3. Hey sweetie. Thanks for the tags and the award. ^___^ I've noticed a lot of traffic linked to my blog from your site so I was like "huh?" until I checked my newsfeed and found your blog post. :D

    Eyeshadow quad looks like a pretty good buy and I guess if we consider the price of individual shadows, less than $10 for four colors and textures is a deal. :) I shall look into that~


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