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Helloo world! I'm blogging on a monday! Wow that's a miracle... not haha :) It turns out that I don't have any homeworks or study tonight (THAT'S a miracle!) so I  decided to add a little something today. I been tagged for 40 beauty questions & nominated for the sunshine award by Pinky (I've listed them on the sidebar ^_^) I also thank my followers! I've reached 14 followers!! =D

How many times do you wash your face daily? Two times. Morning & before going to bed =)

What skin type do you have (dry, oily, combo)? Combo!

What is your current facial wash? Neutrogena's fresh foaming cleanser ^_^

Do you exfoliate? Yeeep! Once a week is enough for me :)

What brand do you use? St. Ives apricot scrub in the winter & Biore pore refining exfoliator right now ;D

What moisturizer do you use? La Roche Posay Toleriane fluid!

Do you have freckles? Yeessss!

Do you use eye cream? Nuh. Is it really necessary? =/

Do you or did you have acne prone skin? Yes. I used to have severe acne on my forehead only in my teenage years.

Did you ever use Pro-Activ? Nah.

What foundation do you use? I avoid foundation for now, I used to use Missha's Perfect cover BB cream which I really liked but I developped a bad reaction to it :(

How about concealer? Eeeh.. Revlon's age defying concealer pen. It pretty good :)

Do you know your undertone? Uuuh.. I've always thought I had yellow undertones.. but MUA always match me with cool undertones foundation.. So idk lol.

What do you think of fake eyelashes? They seem more natural than I thought and really like them but I won't be wearing them around everyday. I'm too lazy XD

Do you know that you're suppose to change your mascara every 3 months? Yes, but when 3/4 is still full... you don't want to throw it away :3

What brand of mascara do you use? Right now? Blinc/Kiss me mascara. My favorite for now

Sephora or MAC? Sephora! They have so much choices!

Do you have a MAC pro-card? Naaah.

What make-up tools do you use in make-up application? Bare Escentuals brushes. haha ;)

Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes? Always for the eyes, the famous UDPP.

For the face? Mac's Prep+prime primer.

What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?Mac's Phloof!. LOL

Do you use pencil or liquid liner? Both. But mostly pencil haha.

How often to you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? Never?

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows? They are too cool for me. It's pretty when you know how to handle them!

Do you use mineral makeup? Yes. I have some Bare Escentual foundation & shadows.

What is your favorite lipstick? NARS lipstick in Barbarella

What about lipgloss? I'm not really a glossy person..

What is your favorite blush to use? I don't use blush. Seriously. My cheeks are always pinkish xD

Do you buy your make up on eBay? Once only? Yes only once. hahaha

Do you like drugstore makeup? Yeah why not?

Do you go to CCO's (Cosmetic Company Outlet)? Nop.I live in Quebec, we have nothing here!

Did you ever consider taking make up classes? Yeeeeesss! I would love to!

Are you clumsy in putting on make up? Depends how much sleep I got hahaha XD

Name a make up crime you hate? People with 5 inch of foundation. Err..

Do you like colorful shades of make up (lipstick, eyeshadow) or neutral colors? Colorful when going out but neutral for work & school

Which celebrity always has great make up? Hong Kong & Korean artist.

If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item, which would you use? Pencil liner fotw! ;P

Could you ever leave your house without any make up on? Absolutly! I go to my internship without anything on but my moisturizer haha.

Do you think you look good even without any make up on? Well.. my bf always tells me that I look good without makeup so I guess so..

In your opinion, what is the best make up line? Hmm.. They all have a little something so I can't tell.

What do you think of make up? I think it's like a form of art that enhances your beauty. There's so much possibilities with all the colors & finishes! ;D

I also received my DSK Jewelry package today!!! I'm so excited!! Hihi :D I can't wait to show you guys the items I've got but there's still one item missing so I'm going to wait for it  before revealing anything ;P

& I want these sandals! I've been wanting slingbacks peep-toes for so loooooong! I might be getting them this saturday. My first weekend off from work since I don't know when lol. I've quit my sales clerk job to go back to my supervisor job at DQ (it's going to be my 4th summer over there!) Yes, it's Dairy Queen BUT we don't sell burgers & hot dogs here in Montreal. Only Ice cream or must I say ice milk. haha :) & then when school finishes, I'll be heading to my PAID internship at the hospital. Yaay! Can't wait for summer! 

That's it for today,


  1. Do you think you look good even without any make up on? Well.. my bf always tells me that I look good without makeup so I guess so..

    BF always say that b/c they like you for who you are..but i still think it's nice to wear makeup. even though you are totally comfortable. I used to have acne too!

  2. True! :D but also he doesn't like the fact that I wear make-up lol. I agree with you, it is nice to wear make-up ^_^ That's why we have awesome beauty bloggers! :D

  3. I heard that you're suppose to use eye cream when you're young to keep it up so it doesn't sag down, hahaha. Not sure how valid that is but yet, prevention!

    Thanks for doing the tag. ^___^

  4. Yeah I heard something similar too but there's so many eye cream out there that I don't know where to start -_-' Do you have any recommendation? =D


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