Spring is heree!! :D and some ranting....

Okay, not yet, but tomorrow is going to be official. :) The weather is warming up, the sun is out before I wake up, it's still there when I finish school at 6pm & no more boots and winter coats. Hurray! My internship (finally I found the english work for "stage" haha) on the obstetric unit is almost done, 2 days left! After I'm going to the pediatric unit in April. Half of my semester is done, only a month to go (okay 2months including the finals)! I can't believe how time is passing by so quickly. I'm graduating next year (if everything goes well) and I'm going to pass my exam to be a register nurse! Omg!! It's pretty scary tho..

Anyways. I've had a ok week. I was pretty irritated by some.. situations.. and some.. questions.. Do you guys have certain questions or even attitudes that gets you irritated? I do. The question that gets easily on my nerves is "can I copy on you?", especially just before an exam. Even if it's a joke. It's like "UH no?" I mean what the hell? I worked for it, I'm not going to let you "steal" my things. "But I'm not good" or "I don't understand" Well STUDY or ask for help! Everyone has it difficulties including me, but I don't go around and ask if I can copy on people. I make sure to find somebody who can help me but heck, "can I copy on you"? Worst thing ever. If you ask me to help you or clarify certain things I will be glad to do it but letting you copy? Fuck off. Seriously. And the funny part is that they get pretty pissed at you when you say no. Then they start to say things about you like "yeah because you shouldn't be in this class, you were supposed to be in the other class with people of your level." STFU?! Yeah okay it's true that I was misplaced but hey there's some things that I don't totally understand and I stayed here in order to master them. Is this wrong!? Do I have to tell you why I chose to stay here?! I'm not here to compete with you guys, I just want to master my stuff! Damn.

That was my ranting of the week. haha :)


  1. I like your optimism. I wish that spring is really around the corner!


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