L'Oreal Lineur Intense brush tip in carbon black review

Ellow! So today my intership was cancelled since my teacher is sick but she would eventually be back tomorrow. I was able to sleep a little bit more (thank god! who doesn't want to sleep a little more xP) and woke up to a cloudy, rainy day. Ew. How depressing =_=' So I basically spent my day catching up on my work and make a little review here =D And as you all see, I've changed my blog's layout! Tell me what you think about it :)

Today's review is going to be on L'Oreal's lineur intense in carbon black. My sephora one ran out of it and I wanted to try something else since I didn't really liked it. Way back then, when I discovered the make-up world (haha), L'oreal intense lineur was one of my first purchase. I remember I bought the exact same thing but in black. I had so much difficulty to apply it! I was clumsy & not experimented enough. I got tired of it and threw it away haha. But today I'm back with the same thing, not same color & I gonna admit that I'm still trying to get a clean line xD.
It claims to be waterproof and last up to 8 hours. It does last long but I notice a little bit of chipping on the outer corner but nothing too noticeable. It didn't smeared or budge when I splashed a little bit of water on my face to see if it is waterproof XD. It also doesn't transfer on my upper lid (when it's dry), didn't cause any irritation or redness either. It takes a little bit of time to dry (about 30 sec), which I think is OK.
Like indicated, it's a brush tip. NOT a felt tip. It's great if you want a thick line, but more difficult to draw a fine line. Also, I tried to wing out but it doesn't give me the fine wing that I'm looking for. Maybe it would work better with the felt tip one.

Overall I give it 4.8/5 :) I bought it for 8,99$CAD. It's available in every drugstore & department store. I don't think I'll repurchase the brush tip one. I'll be going for the felt tip one instead.

Hasta a la proxima chicas! ;)


  1. I definitely recommend the felt tip! :D I got one but haven't gotten the chance to use it yet. Thanks for the review. :3

  2. It looks so nice and rich in color! Does it come in a felt tip too??? If so, MUST try as the ELF one was major FAIL. :(
    Thanks for the tips though! I suck at liquid liner, my eyelids are too funky!

  3. I dontknow the brush looks too thick and Iprefer felt tip they give a softer line. Thanks for the review.


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