Maybelline's Moisture Extreme in Nude blush & NARS lipstick in Barbarella reviews.

Heeey ladies (&gents?)! How are you guys feeling today? The sun is finally back in my area & today was my last day on the obstetric unit! Gosh it was a long day, everything didn't seemed right & my teacher was kind of stressing me out >_<" but whatever. The sun makes my day so I won't complain anymore haha :)

Finally some lippies reviews! I've been blogging so much about eyeliners, eyeshadows & skincare stuff and now's the lippies turn! I'm not a really big fan of lipsticks so I'm going to show you the ones that I prefer the most.
Left to right : Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Nude blush, Nars Lipstick in Barbarella

The first one is Maybelline's mositure extreme in Nude Blush. I guess that you guys already read quiet some reviews about this lipstick but hey, it IS amazing! It's moisturizing, smooth application, doesn't dry out the lips, well pigmented & it's creamy! There's no shine in it and it's not really matte either. My favorite neutral lipstick & it's perfect for school! You can see the swatch underneath & I give it 5/5. *High5* ;) It can be found in any drugstore/department store for less than 10$CAD & I wish it came in more colors such as BABY PINK!
1st picture without flash: left to right : nude blush & barbarella
 2nd picture with flash: up to down: barbarella & nude blush

Secundo, Nars Lipstick in Barbarella! I've done some research and I saw that this shade wasn't really popular among beauty bloggers. In the picture,it seems orangy but trust me, it is not THAT orangey lol the lipstick goes on sheer. It's more a coral color & I think that it gives me a pretty sun kissed look. It's my favorite summer shade (I wore only this last summer, it explains the quantity left in the tube haha) and I think I'll stick to it this summer (shelf life : 24months! I'm still good! lol) The texture is pretty creamy too but it isn't as smooth and doesn't glides as well as the moisture extreme one. I don't think I'll repurchase because of it's price (paid 30 bucks at my local sephora store) I can find better for cheaper but I really like the color so 4.5/5 =)

&& One more thing.. I LOVE JELLY BEANS!! LOLL :) :)

Yaay! =P


  1. with the flash kind of reminds me of rimmels kabash.

  2. I like the nude blush, it was all sold out when I was buying them on sale, but I will try to find it next time there's a big lippie sale on Maybelline! The Moisture Extreme line is my FAVORITE line because it's good for n00b lipstick users such as myself, lol.

    The DO make a baby-ish pink called Sugar Plum Ice - or I guess it's the closest to it :)

  3. both of the lipstick shades are pretty! :)

  4. I just tried a NARS lipstick also, It's actually not bad. I like how it's not really drying.

  5. The moisture extreme lipsticks are wonderful! They go on like a balm and the colors are flattering :) Your NARS lippie is also nice :D LOVE IT! I love orange lipsticks. I don't know why but it looks good on skins with yellow undertones, I guess? I had my fair share of skepticism as well, but they look great!


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