My "wannabe" sprink break. LOL!

Good evening gorgeous! I'm like blogging at 11:30pm haha because I can't sleep! (Yes, I sleep very early!) Don't you hate it when you've been tossing around for like an hour and you can't fall asleep? Gaaah!! It's driving me insane! Luckily I don't have school tomorrow so I will be able to stay in bed until my stomach growls. LOL. In fact, I'm having the rest of the week off muhaha!! I was supposed to have school on thursday but there will be a strike going on so all classes are canceled! Since I didn't had a spring break.. well.. let's say that it will compensate haha ;) Long weekend coming up for Easter! What are you guys planning to do besides eating chocolate? =P I'll be working on the weekend & probably taking my parents to the restaurant.

I'm kind of being in a "mini-rush" right now on finishing some school work but I will eventually finish them by tomorrow or the day after so stay tuned for new reviews! hehe. ANNDD tomorrow my mom wants to go to Murale or The Bay tomorrow to buy some skincare products and she wants me to go with her! Yikes! Bad timing ><" I'm currently on the 10 pan project (see "project" label) and it will be damn hard to resist to NOT buy anything! =( Someone please hide my wallet! But please leave IDs behind hahaha.

&& I have question for you guys! My cheeks are naturally pink. Do I still need a blush? Or a luminizer will be ok?

Thanks for reading!


  1. lucky you naturally flushed cheeks. Try a luminizer that kind of matches your cheek color but not too shimmery.

  2. @Shellsea: thanks for the advice! :D <33

  3. my cheeks are naturally flushed too but i like wearing blush because I think it makes my face look less flat :p i think using a highlighter for your cheeks is good if you like your natural cheek color!

  4. Definitely just a luminizer! You don't need anything else :D

  5. Great! Do you guys have any suggestions? =) I've been eyeing Christian Dior's lace collection one but I can't find it anymore since it was LE =(


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