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Watssuuupp world! haha :) Let me just warn you, this post is *PIC HEAVY* (maybe not for some). So I had a pretty good week at school, my weekend started by going Dim Sum with my boyfriend's family & it was freaking cold outside!! (GEEZ!! -12 DEGREE CELCIOUS!!SPRING WHERE ARE YOUU?!!?) This was actually my first time eating out with them because usually, we eat at their house. Since my bf was the one payign everything I didn't mind to go. The reason why I don't want to go out to eat with them is that I don't want them to pay for me. I feel very bad about it so unless the hubby pays, I'm not going lol. After hubby & I went to go shopping because I wanted those sandals but when I saw them in real, they weren't THAT nice so I decided to not take them anymore. I came back home with nothing. hahaha what a miracle xD but I'm happy at the same time =) Oh and I signed up for some work out sessions/class yesterday and I'll be starting them monday night. I have a pass for 10 classes and I can choose between "cardio-ballon" (the main class that I wanted), yoga, pilates, swimming lessons & many more hat I can't remember. The main reason I'm doing this is not to lose weight. Seriously I'm 5"2 95lbs.. I need to gain weight! I do it for my health because my cardio SUCKS really bad... Studying too much is not good for your health hahah and having a intense work out session makes me feel good after sweating like a pig haha.

Okay enough with my life. I've been recently bag tagged by the lovely Sophia! It consists of showing what's in your bag! ;) (obviously haha)
So this is my huge Guess bag that I have since last year. It's the one that I use the most. I use it mostly for school & shopping (sometimes I use a crossbody). I really like it because it's spacious and robust. I can put my heavy nursing books inside! =D Now.. what's inside? (beside my agenda, notebooks & books...)
My Guess wallet, my bus pass, gum, candies, a bottle of water (always!!), cherry lipbalm, clear lipbalm, hand cream. keys haha, mirror, cellphone, hair clip & ipod nano. Oh and my reusable tote (pink & green thingy there) No I don't carry makeup with me =)
&& I would like to tag:

Now for the FOTD. (I suck at transitioning my ideas hahaha!!) I did something really soft, not too KAPOW since I was going out to eat with my hubby's family & I know that he doesn't like it when I wear too much makeup so yeah. =)
For this look, I used my Dior's 5 colour eyeshadow palette in Coquette. I swiped color #1 all over my lid, used #2 on the outer half and #3 on the outer corner (v shape). I highlighted my brow bone with the pink color in the corner of the palette.
Eyelined with Sephora brand waterproof retractable eyeliner in black & tightlined with MUFE aqua eyes in 0L. I curled my lashes my Shu Uemera lash curler & applied Blinc/Kiss Me mascara in black. I also applied some white eyeshadow in the inner corner of my eyes (MAC'S shadow in Phloof!) Et voila! Not too complicated isn't it? =) The colors are more pigmented in reality and the purple/burgundy color shows a lot more than in the pictures. I can't figure out why the colors doesn't appear right in the pictures. Any tips? =(

Lastly, My nails of the day! I was so happy that my internship is finished because I can wear nail polish now!! For a week.. LOL.. Because I'm not allowed to have nail polish during my intership at the hospital. Risk of infection for the patients!! So yeah.. I picked out a color from the ones that I had already.

Sorry for my bad manicure skills lolol. Like this soft baby pinky color. Spring is in the air ^_^ This one is called Peach Nectar (#913) and is from Revlon. I bought it at a drugtore last summer. I don't really remember the price =/.

So that is it for today. Time for a little bit of cam-whoring hehe.
Yeeeess! That's the DSK necklace that I bought!! A little sneak peak of it, I'm still waiting for the bracelet.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Sugar shack!!! (Cabane a sucre) I think we only have those in Quebec and maybe a few in Ontario (not sure). Maple syrup ftw :D
Good nights chicos & chicas


  1. mmm candy in the purse is a must :)

    love your look of the day.

  2. I love your look! :D It's so natural and pretty for dim sum :) What was the lip gloss you used? I love the color! I used to have dim sum all the time w/my own parents... I do miss it from time to time. I assume your bf's family is Cantonese? :)

    The nail color is absolutely gorgeous! I will be in search of that one now :D I love that shade of pink!

  3. Is that Guess bag ostrich? I looove the color! I have yet to get a bag in that color, but one of these days when I spot the perfect one I will :)

  4. That nail polish color is very nice. I'm looking for something similiar. And your bag looks cute and comfortable. You actually dont have sooo much stuff with such a spacious bag. lol If it were me I think my couch would even be in there which is why I limit myself to small bags.

  5. Thank you ladies for the nice comments! =D
    @Edna: Yup candies are a must in handbags ;P

    @Rainy days: I didn't use lipgloss.. It's acutally maybelline's moisture extreme in nude blush ^_^ & yes my bf's family is cantonese :)

    @Sophia: Yuup that the ostrich guess bag XD

    @Shellsea: LOL your couch haha!! Yeah I know I don't have much in my bag loll. because the rest of the time, I have my books in it :)

  6. pretty photos! i like your makeup look, it's natural but pretty, my kind of style hehe :) i love the soft pink nail colour too!

    thanks for the tag girl! i haven't been on blogger lately 'cause i've been so busy, sorry i missed it earlier, but i like doing these tags so THANKS! :)


  7. Thank you so much for tagging me! I will do it when i'm free :)
    love your FOTD, the eyes makeup look so neutral and very pretty~

  8. oh oh oh oh~~~~~ Thankies for tagging me!!! Your bag looks lovely~~~~ SOOO pretty!
    Hehehe you have alot of snacks~ same here!

    Your FOTD is really pretty.


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