Stila's eye shadow trio in afterhours review

Hey guys! What's up? I just came back from my training at the hospital on the obstetric unit and I'm so exhausted! I didn't have a patient today because I was the team leader instead. What a job. I've been searching & analyzing all the patient files that my co-workers had & running back and forth gathering information. waah ><" Luckily, we're team leader just once during the training. Phew :D I've been able to help around a little bit and held new born :D They're so cute and tiny ^^

But that's not our topic of the day ahaha. The product that I'm goingto review today is Stila's e/s trio in Afterhours.
I went to Sephora a few weeks ago and purchased this with Kat Von D's true romance e/s palette in memento(which I don't think I'll review or maybe just write a very short one.) So it comes in a think compact and the pan size is the same as the regular mono e/s. There isn't much product (you have 3 colors instead of 1) and it's like 2$ more expensive than the mono e/s but I honestly don't mind because I really like the colors, texture & the pigmentation. Plus, I've never ever finished my eyeshadows or hit the bottom of pan so it doesn't really matter that it has mucho product or not. Here's the swatch!

I like this eyeshadow because it's very buildable. My favorite shade is the middle one (that looks like grey). It's perfect for a soft smokey eyes or a dramatic one if you put more layers on. I use it to underline my eyes and it looks softer than plain eyeliner. The product is very easy to blend and goes on smoothly. It's not too shimmery & I didn't have problems with some e/s falling on my cheeks. It is long-lasting & doesn't crease with my UDPP but I can't tell if it is without primer because I've never tried it.  I bought it at Sephora for 26$CAD. Overall: 4.8/5 :D It doesn't come with an applicator!



  1. Those colors are so pretty & pigmented! I can't believe I don't own a single Stila shadow - I didn't even know they came in trios!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. My pleasure Irene! :D They're pretty new though.. They came out like last month or a few weeks ago. Check them out on sephora's website!

  3. those are some interesting colors. I like the grey too. i would have a hard time to balance the other colors.

  4. Oh, the colors look great! Very pretty for a summer look!

  5. @Yumiko: Me too I'm having a hard time to blance the other color and I'm still wondering how I'll use them xD

    @Jess: Yup! Especially the turquoise one but still trying to figure out with what color to match with =/

  6. all three of these colours are so pretty! i like how it comes in a trio like this, makes it convenient to use :D



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