Drugstore haul + Revlon's Spring 2010 super lustrous lipgloss in Peach Petal

Hi everyone! It's been a while! I had a busy busy week with 2 exams, a mid-term paper to hand in, an oral presentation.. But I'm back! :D So today I'm going to show you my drugstore haul.. that I bought last weekend :)

 Tadaaa! Nothing really special.. a few lip balm & lipgloss, a black eyeliner and a e/s quad :) I was searching for a cherry labello since forever but it seems that Labello's has been discontinued or something in my area. I went to Zellers, a few drugstores, Wal-mart... None :( The Nivea ones were in special, 2 for 3$CAD lol so I went for it. I kind of like it. It leaves a nice red tint on my lips. However, I was so disappointed by the Nivea gloss. I was expecting it to be baby pink like the package. On the picture, the girls have baby pink lips! But it comes out clear. Booo. That's about it for my haul. I'll review the other products individually. Starting now. ;)

Oookay so I was looking for a milky baby pink gloss. I wanted the MAC's dazzleglass but I wasn't ready to splurge 21,50$ for a gloss that I know I'll never finish. I saw Revlon's new spring 2010 lipgloss in Peach Petal and I was instantly attracted to it. It was the perfect color, I fell for it. LOL. At first, I was afraid that the color would wash me out but it doesn't. Liek many other glosses, it is a little bit sticky. If ever the wind is strong outside, I wouldn't recommend it. haha. The pigmentation is ok. Since I have really pigmented lips, I have so put concealer underneath in order to have the same color as in the tube. If you have less pigmented lips, it should do the thing. It's not moisturizing but doesn't dry out my lips either. Overall, I'm not really impressed. I love the color but I'd prefer it in lipstick :). 3,5/5

A few swatches for you...
picture #2: lips with no flash,  picture #3: with flash.

Tell me what you think about it! Do you have any suggestions? Comment, comment, comment! :D


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