Facial shop haul + Biore's pore minimizing refining exfoliator & St-Ives apricot scrub

Heelllooo! I just got back from school and I'm pretty excited :D I'm starting my training at the hospital tomorrow on the obstetric department tomorrow & I received my item from facial shop ^^ Tadaaa :
Honestly, I thought that it will take so much longer. Once dispatched, it took 8 days so make it to my door. Not bad, but it took them quiet a bit to process the order (a few days before chinese new year) which is, I think, normal because it was CNY :) I'll make a review & swatch later, maybe by the end of the week or the week after.

Now, I've received a request to make a review on exfoliator so here I am! The first one is Biore's pore minimizing refining exfoliator. I bought it last year on sale at Zellers. This is one of my favorite because it leaves my skin really smooth and polished afterward. However, they recommend to use it not more than 3 times a week. Personally, I only use it once a week because my skin is more sensitive. It's oil free and does a pretty good job on minimizing my pores on my t-zone. A gentle massage for about 1min will to the thing since there's very fine grains. It's normal to see a little of redness on your skin after and make sure to put sunscreen prior to going outside. It doesn't dry out my skin. I would recommend it to people with combo/oily skin.Dry skin type should opt for something more moisturizing. I don't now if you still can find it, I think it has been discontinued because I can't find it on their website. Overall: 5/5 :)

The second one, St-Ives apricot scrub exfoliating is a little more gentle. It's been the first exfoliator that I purchased and I use it since my early teenage years (I'll be turning into the "ty" this year.. No more "teen" after the digits :( ) It suits all skin type and I find it hydrating at the same time. It's oil free and it had a light apricot scent. The product doesn't have beads or grains but crushed apricot heart (you know the hard thing in the middle.. I can't find the english word!) haha. This one is gentle enough for everyday use but I don't use it everyday. I like to use it twice a week because I don't think that I need to exfoliate THAT much my skin. This one is my third tube & I think I will repurchase it but only the next winter. It didn't made me break-out but I just wake up the next morning with an oily t-zone & don't think it would be suitable for my face in summer, only in winter :) overall: 4/5 :D

Hope you guys enjoyed!


  1. Lovely haul!
    Oh, you got the Esprique Precious C-1 palette! I'm going to sell it on my blog sale, since the shades are too warm for me. :/

    Thanks you for your nice comment!

  2. @Lottie: Thanks! :D
    @Jess: I didn't tried the palette yet so I can't really tell =/ but the colors seems so nice! I also want toget the c-4 (the green one) but I'll wait a little bit XD


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